In Requiem mp3 Album by Paradise Lost
  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 53:09


1.Never For The Damned5:02
2.Ash & Debris4:16
3.The Enemy3:39
4.Praise Lamented Shade4:03
7.Prelude To Descent4:12
8.Fallen Children3:38
9.Beneath Black Skies4:13
10.Sedative God3:59
11.Your Own Reality4:08
12.Missing (Everything But The Girl - Cover)4:32
13.Silent In Heart (Bonus Track)3:23
In Requiem is, in my opinion, the best album by Paradise Lost. The songs are dark, heavy and intense with a brooding emotional depth throughout; combined with memorable melodies and lyrics we have an album that perfectly displays PL's skill and passion. The production feels incredibly polished unlike earlier PL albums. Some people may miss the 'raw' quality of previous recordings - but personally I think it's a big improvement and it showcases the vocals and musicianship much better.

Stand out tracks IMO are: Ash & Debris, The Enemy and Prelude to Descent.

Paradise Lost are a criminally underrated band (particularly in the UK) and this album is a good starting place for potential new fans!