In Search of Better Days mp3 Album by Incognito

In Search of Better Daysby Incognito

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:09:57


1.Love Born In Flames (feat. Imaani & Stuart Zender)4:20
2.Just Say Nothing (feat. Vanessa Haynes)4:40
3.Everyday Grind (feat. Maysa)6:04
4.Racing Through The Bends (feat. Maysa)4:07
5.Love's Revival (feat. Tony Momrelle)4:42
6.Selfishly (feat. Maysa)4:56
7.Love Be The Messenger (feat. Vanessa Haynes)4:25
8.I See The Light (feat. Avery*Sunshine)3:29
9.Echoes Of Utopia (feat. Stuart Zender)6:49
10.Move It Up (feat. Vanessa Haynes)5:08
11.Crystal Walls (feat. Katie Leone)3:30
12.Bridges Of Fire (feat. Tomoyasu Hotei)6:25
13.All I Ever Wanted (feat. Maysa)4:16
14.Better Days (feat. Vula Malinga)7:06