Industrial MAYhem mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Industrial MAYhemby Various Artists

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:02:38


1.Skylineby Six Leaves Left3:13
2.Waldgeistby Edge of Insanity3:36
3.Silent Insurgencyby Fatalist3:10
4.Hate Yourselfby Sylker4:52
5.Nothing to Talk Aboutby onenine4:19
6.Primitive Spellby Laurent Colson5:07
7.Alpaxby Shis Unusual3:07
8.Zone Fatalby Art Diktator4:10
9.Oublie Moi (instrumental)by Death Hags3:04
10.Not Againby Leifendeth5:37
11.Vampireby Decommissioned Forests4:17
12.Killchinby Haunted Planet3:28
13.Exploracio d'eixby Refectori5:49
14.Wear the Blank Badgeby Turing Heat4:30
15.Cyborgs at the Beachby Miles Matrix4:19

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