Infinite Arms mp3 Album by Band Of Horses

Infinite Armsby Band Of Horses

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 45:17


4.Blue Beard3:22
5.On My Way Back Home3:29
6.Infinite Arms4:08
8.Evening Kitchen3:57
10.For Annabelle3:06
11.Nw Apt.3:01
Andrew Wagner
Indie/Folk rock at its best. The genius behind this album is immediately evident on the opening track "Factory," where complex vocals mingle together with lush electrics. The second track, "Compliments," is equally superb, featuring sophisticated, minor-key vocals and Nashville-style steel guitars. Minor keys are a persistent theme in this album, but, surprisingly, this doesn't lead to a sense of introspection or depression. Instead, there's a genuine feeling of hopefulness intrinsic in all these songs. Midway through the album is a slower love song, the title track "Infinite Arms." This beautifully layered song is, unfortunately, where the album stops being very interesting. The rest of the songs are mostly immemorable, while the final track - the minimalist "Neighbor" - can be a bit grating. (Maybe it's because you've been listening to 12 tracks in minor keys?) Nevertheless, this album has still earned a place among my favorites.