Mirage Rock mp3 Album by Band Of Horses

Mirage Rockby Band Of Horses

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 39:39


1.Knock Knock3:59
2.How to Live3:27
3.Slow Cruel Hands of Time3:50
4.A Little Biblical2:55
5.Shut-In Tourist4:09
6.Dumpster World3:44
7.Electric Music3:33
8.Everything's Gonna Be Undone3:19
10.Long Vows3:44
11.Heartbreak on the 1014:02
Andrew Wagner
The latest album by Band of Horses shows the group's progression on their musical journey. The album starts strong, with an indie rocker number ("Knock Knock") filled with fun energy and drive. The album quickly becomes more introspective after the first track, though - the majority of the album is filled with slow brooding melodies. A standout track is the dynamic "Dumpster World," which alternates between crooning in the style of Simon and Garfunkel and driving heavy guitar. "Everything Will Be Undone" is another stand-out track, with an almost folksy acoustic sound. The lyrics here are almost universally about loss, rejection, and dissatisfaction - which compliments the complex vocals and brooding style that defines the group. However, too much brooding, even if it's done well, can be a bad thing. While sophisticated and softly introspective, ultimately this album lacks the punch of their previous works, especially "Cease to Begin."