Interbreeding II: Industrial Mutation mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Interbreeding II: Industrial Mutationby Various Artists

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:31:47


Disk #1

1.Mutate (Alpha Mutation mix)by Kubikzahl5:20
2.Prison Planetby Generated X-ED5:11
3.No Blind Runner (feat. Marc Heal)by Jerico One2:45
4.Spit as an Offence (Escupitajo version)by Hocico5:06
5.System Error (remix)by The Pain Machinery5:06
6.Gateway (Diskonnekted mix)by Implant4:53
7.Mettle IIIby Things Outside the Skin4:10
8.Incest (Pulse Legion remix)by Injury3:31
9.Deliveranceby Beta5:30
10.When Time Runs Outby Soul Circuit4:33
11.Afterby The God Project4:26
12.My Existence (Rebel mix)by Electro Synthetic Rebellion6:15
13.Deliverance (Tecnoman S.F. remix)by Diverje5:46
14.Angelby Dioxyde4:57
15.Misalignedby Type0014:09
16.Mutationby Xiphoid Process3:50

Disk #2

1.Exquisite Pain (Lust remix)by Stark4:58
2.Electronic Body Jesusby Void Kampf3:43
3.Dark Energyby Skoyz4:54
4.Forgot to Be Humanby Tactical Sekt5:33
5.Paranoid Destruction (Interbreeding mix)by Agonoize5:21
6.Ease the Painby Angel Theory4:37
7.K.A.D.O. (Blatant mix)by Run Level Zero4:41
8.Only God Is Meaner (Seventh Plague remix)by The Thessalonian Dope Gods6:50
9.Fifth Metacarpalby Centyl4:22
10.Penalty (Optional mix)by Severe Illusion5:28
11.Shape Shifterby The Pain Machinery4:07
12.Why (Because remix by Syrian)by More Machine Than Man4:32
13.Hide (v1.3)by Croc Shop3:55
14.Try to Believeby Infekktion4:52
15.Zone of Hallucinations (demo version)by Thirteenth Exile4:32
16.Cascadeby Liquefaction3:54