Introspection mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Introspectionby Various Artists

  • 68 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:39:06


1.Chilly Filly (with Brilliant Venture & loophoof feat. RadRiveter)by TCB4:04
2.Embrace The Light (feat. Aeralie Brighton & Maria Grigoryeva)by Frozen Night4:31
3.Aqasha, Goddess of Destruction (feat. Shelley Harland)by Jyc Row3:58
4.Have Here (TCB Remix) (with NeverLastStanding & TCB)by loophoof2:56
5.Thermal Chokeby bank pain4:33
6.Watby Omnipony2:16
7.Karmaby Scraton4:54
8.Best Of Friends (BlackIceMusic Remix) (with John Kenza, PegasYs & BlackIceMusic)by Faulty4:11
9.Nirikby Silva Hound3:29
10.Friends (feat. Evdog)by AnNy Tr3e4:13
11.Miss Youby UndreamedPanic4:06
12.When The Sun Comes Back (feat. Brittany Church)by The Wasteland Wailers3:20
13.To The Nines (Francis Vace Cover)by Koa3:16
14.Old Phantomsby PrinceWhateverer3:36
15.Silverstreamby Forest Rain3:59
16.Sight For Sore Eyes (and 4EverfreeBrony)by Metajoker4:27
17.Swimby Replacer3:40
18.Spacefunk (feat. ThatMusicBrony)by Dijit2:54
19.Powerwalkby RKDM4:45
20.Lord Of Chaos (feat. ThatMusicBrony)by Paloris4:14
21.Evening Rainby Einarx2:56
22.Come Alive (Lavender Remix) (with Odyssey Eurobeat & Lavender)by Silva Hound3:45
23.Shining Free VIP (Single Purpose Remix)by Spikey Wikey3:24
24.Reverse Rain VIP (with Age of Vinyl & Faulty)by Hay Tea4:14
25.Sea Stack (and Niłch'i Poni)by Tw3Lv35:28
26.Into The Quiet (and Single Purpose)by bank pain5:13
27.Enlightenmentby ILLUMNATION3:51
28.She Lingersby GhostXb2:29
29.When Nothing Mattersby Feryl DeMarco3:11
30.37 Seconds To Warp Driveby Mufaya5:30
31.Revivalby RedSpark3:35
32.Chant Of Selflessness (feat. MEMJ0123 & Koron Korak)by 4EverfreeBrony3:06
33.Magus Cantioby TheMusicReborn3:10
34.The Demon Child (and Elias Frost)by Jyc Row4:01
35.Phoenix (and LowCass)by Khaliber3:14
36.Taco Tuesday (feat. Brittany Ackerman)by Silva Hound3:38
37.Broken Soulby Dropper Vampire5:57
38.Messy Brownieby Camelia4:15
39.Mind Break (ExplodingPonyToast Remix)by Quadrivia3:48
40.Royal Punishmentby Quadrivia4:19
41.Biohazard (and AJ Young)by Soundnix3:52
42.Cyberpinkby Scraton4:29
43.Throwbackby Budzy3:53
44.Never Look Backby Quorak4:09
45.Heroesby John Kenza3:44
46.Forever & Alwaysby NeverLastStanding4:31
47.Unscathed (and GrazySmash)by Ice Angel4:01
48.Fly Inby Mantlegen3:04
49.Unwind (PegasYs Remix) (and ThatMusicBrony)by Hearse Percy4:28
50.Mad Horse (feat. General Mumble)by Koa3:40
51.Gamer Girlby Luna Ticks2:57
52.Equine Anarchy (feat. 4EverfreeBrony)by StealingShad3Z4:02
53.Party Cannon Overdrive (feat. Francis Vace & TheMusicReborn)by L-Train4:04
54.Between Two Worldsby Blackened Blue5:13
55.Ildy Pad Ružovymi Kryłami (feat. Velvet R. Wings, Koron Korak & Pavel Lipski)by SDreamExplorerS5:59
56.Insanityby Thrasher4:28
57.Invert182by Omnipony2:38
58.Bad Attitude (and R3ctifier)by Hoofy3:52
59.Iridescent (and lia;quo)by Quadrivia5:52
60.Sine & Sawby MEQA5:09
61.Dusk Before Oblivion (and Dijit)by bank pain5:43
62.New Horizonsby PSFMer4:30
63.Downpour (and Age of Vinyl)by Hay Tea4:10
64.Ukiyo (and Single Purpose)by Canvas4:40
65.Don't Wake Me Upby Totalspark3:40
66.Gentle Breezeby Kyradeen5:32
67.Altitudeby Wandering Artist6:30
68.Dream No Moreby Radiarc3:50

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