Irish Tour '74.. (40th Anniversary Edition) mp3 Live by Rory Gallagher

Irish Tour '74.. (40th Anniversary Edition)by Rory Gallagher

  • 56 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:36:58


Disk #1

1.Messin' With The Kid (Previously Unreleased)6:44
2.Cradle Rock7:16
3.I Wonder Who7:49
4.Tattoo'd Lady5:08
5.Walk On Hot Coals10:46
6.Laundromat (Previously Unreleased)8:06
7.A Million Miles Away9:18
8.Hands Off (Previously Unreleased)11:12
9.Too Much Alcohol7:47

Disk #2

1.As The Crow Flies6:10
2.Pistol Slapper Blues (Previously Unreleased)3:25
3.Unmilitary Two-Step (Previously Unreleased)2:17
4.Bankers Blues (Previously Unreleased)3:18
5.Going To My Home Town (Previously Unreleased)7:59
6.Who's That Coming9:17
7.In Your Town (Previously Unreleased)16:15

Disk #3

1.Cradle Rock (Previously Unreleased)7:40
2.Tattoo'd Lady (Previously Unreleased)4:35
3.Hands Off (Previously Unreleased)7:48
4.Walk On Hot Coals (Previously Unreleased)11:38
5.Laundromat (Previously Unreleased)5:33
6.Too Much Alcohol (Previously Unreleased)8:28
7.A Million Miles Away (Previously Unreleased)9:31

Disk #4

1.As The Crow Flies (Previously Unreleased)5:46
2.Pistol Slapper Blues (Previously Unreleased)3:16
3.Bankers Blues (Previously Unreleased)3:08
4.Unmilitary Two-Step (Previously Unreleased)3:15
5.Going To My Hometown (Previously Unreleased)6:28
6.In Your Town (Previously Unreleased)19:37
7.Bullfrog Blues (Previously Unreleased)10:59

Disk #5

1.Messin' With The Kid (Previously Unreleased)7:41
2.Cradle Rock (Previously Unreleased)7:17
3.I Wonder Who (Previously Unreleased)6:18
4.Tattoo'd Lady (Previously Unreleased)5:20
5.Walk On Hot Coals (Previously Unreleased)9:15
6.Hands Off (Previously Unreleased)5:30
7.A Million Miles Away (Previously Unreleased)9:09
8.Laundromat (Previously Unreleased)7:48

Disk #6

1.As The Crow Flies (Previously Unreleased)5:48
2.Pistol Slapper Blues (Previously Unreleased)3:37
3.Unmilitary Two-Step (Previously Unreleased)2:52
4.Bankers Blues (Previously Unreleased)3:28
5.Going To My Hometown (Previously Unreleased)5:51
6.Who's That Coming (Previously Unreleased)7:15
7.In Your Town (Previously Unreleased)17:29
8.Bullfrog Blues (Previously Unreleased)11:40

Disk #7

1.Maritime (The Edgar Lustgarden Cut)2:32
2.I Want You / RaunchyMedley (Previously Unreleased)3:50
3.Treat Her Right4:11
4.I Wonder Who (Previously Unreleased)5:58
5.Too Much Alcohol (Previously Unreleased)7:01
6.Just A Little Bit8:17
7.I Can't Be Satisfied (Previously Unreleased)4:08
8.Acoustic Medley (Previously Unreleased)1:29
9.Back On My Stompin' Ground (After Hours)6:13
10.Stompin' Ground (Alt Version)6:32