Rory Gallagher (50th Anniversary Edition) mp3 Album by Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher (50th Anniversary Edition)by Rory Gallagher

  • 52 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:49:21


Disk #1

2.Just The Smile3:41
3.I Fall Apart5:13
4.Wave Myself Goodbye3:31
5.Hands Up5:26
6.Sinner Boy5:07
7.For The Last Time6:38
8.It's You2:41
9.I'm Not Surprised3:38
10.Can't Believe It's True7:17

Disk #2

1.Gypsy Woman4:02
2.It Takes Time3:34
3.I Fall Apart4:45
4.Wave Myself Goodbye3:14
5.At The Bottom3:20
6.At The Bottom3:08
7.At The Bottom3:23
8.At The Bottom2:50
9.Advision Jam3:46
11.Just The Smile3:29
12.Just The Smile3:42
13.I Fall Apart4:56
14.Wave Myself Goodbye5:08
15.Wave Myself Goodbye4:46

Disk #3

1.Hands Up4:08
2.Hands Up5:53
3.Hands Up4:32
4.Hands Up4:12
5.Hands Up1:39
6.Hands Up5:40
7.Sinner Boy5:08
8.Sinner Boy5:23
9.Sinner Boy5:23
10.For The Last Time5:05
11.For The Last Time2:14
12.For The Last Time5:15
13.It's You1:40
14.It's You2:41
15.I'm Not Suprised4:17
16.I'm Not Suprised3:46
17.Can't Believe It's True1:43

Disk #4

1.For The Last Time4:09
3.It Takes Time4:23
4.I Fall Apart3:45
5.Hands Up5:41
6.For The Last Time6:21
7.In Your Town9:21
8.Just The Smile4:37
10.It Takes Time7:07