IT Chapter Two (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Benjamin Wallfisch

IT Chapter Two (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)by Benjamin Wallfisch

  • 45 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:41:37


1.27 Years Laterby Benjamin Wallfisch2:06
2.Memoryby Benjamin Wallfisch1:40
3.Come Homeby Benjamin Wallfisch2:24
4.I Swear, Billby Benjamin Wallfisch1:30
5.Beverly Escapesby Benjamin Wallfisch2:20
6.Henry Bowersby Benjamin Wallfisch1:21
7.Fireflyby Benjamin Wallfisch3:09
8.Losers Reunitedby Benjamin Wallfisch0:52
9.Echoby Benjamin Wallfisch1:44
10.Fortune Cookiesby Benjamin Wallfisch2:11
11.You Knewby Benjamin Wallfisch1:49
12.The Libraryby Benjamin Wallfisch2:07
13.Shokopiwahby Benjamin Wallfisch3:29
14.The Barrensby Benjamin Wallfisch1:21
15.The Clubhouseby Benjamin Wallfisch3:48
16.Perfumeby Benjamin Wallfisch2:36
17.Mrs. Kershby Benjamin Wallfisch1:47
18.Miss Me, Richie?by Benjamin Wallfisch1:24
19.Dirty Little Secret (feat. Pennywise)by Benjamin Wallfisch1:21
20.Silver Bulletby Benjamin Wallfisch1:54
21.Why Georgie?by Benjamin Wallfisch3:45
22.Your Hair Is Winter Fireby Benjamin Wallfisch3:20
23.Eddie and the Leperby Benjamin Wallfisch1:50
24.Festival Pursuitby Benjamin Wallfisch1:06
25.Hall of Mirrorsby Benjamin Wallfisch2:14
26.Bar Mitzvahby Benjamin Wallfisch1:36
27.Bowers Attackby Benjamin Wallfisch1:19
28.Back to Neiboltby Benjamin Wallfisch2:50
29.Home At Lastby Benjamin Wallfisch1:29
30.It's Stanby Benjamin Wallfisch2:03
31.This Is Where It Happenedby Benjamin Wallfisch2:03
32.The Place of Itby Benjamin Wallfisch1:57
33.Artifactsby Benjamin Wallfisch3:10
34.The Ritual of Chüdby Benjamin Wallfisch2:04
35.Very Scaryby Benjamin Wallfisch1:39
36.Scaryby Benjamin Wallfisch1:31
37.Not Scary At Allby Benjamin Wallfisch1:25
38.You Lied and I Diedby Benjamin Wallfisch2:55
39.My Heart Burns There Tooby Benjamin Wallfisch2:30
40.Spider Attackby Benjamin Wallfisch3:28
41.You're All Grown Upby Benjamin Wallfisch5:24
42.Neibolt Escapeby Benjamin Wallfisch1:36
43.Nothing Lasts Foreverby Benjamin Wallfisch4:18
44.Goodbyeby Benjamin Wallfisch0:54
45.Stan's Letterby Benjamin Wallfisch4:18