Jazzy James Jr. Presents Jazz Loungebar, Vol. 1: A Smooth & Jazzy Lounge Trip mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Jazzy James Jr. Presents Jazz Loungebar, Vol. 1: A Smooth & Jazzy Lounge Tripby Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:17:23


1.Jazz Club 95 (30 Fingers mix)by Cafe Americaine5:53
2.He Builds the World (Trump Me cut)by Noise Boyz6:16
3.About Humanism (Raggatronic Beatz cut)by Stereo Gringos4:34
4.Visiting Suntown in June (A Deep Breath mix)by Green Lemon6:00
5.Citybreak (5th Avenue mix)by Pascal Dubois4:28
6.Klub Karamel (Design mix)by Cafe Americaine6:11
7.Smooth Peter (Jazzbrunch mix)by Chillwalker5:21
8.Deeper Than You Think (Uplift session)by Skindive Inc.5:16
9.Rio Easy Going (Jazz Beach mix)by Stereo Gringos6:19
10.If You Were Here Tonight (2 and a Half cut)by Kid Coconutz5:30
11.Finally Anna (Smooth Jam mix)by Chillwalker4:21
12.What I Want (Break 4 Love mix)by Jazz City5:25
13.Fantastic Matinee (Sax and Chips mix)by Green Lemon5:53
14.Jazzmaster Session No. 1 (Classical Jazz cut)by Jazzy James Jr.4:49
15.Spirit of the Wolf (One Minute mix)by Kid Coconutz5:24
16.Cuba Llibre (Cocktail mix)by Cafe Americaine4:36
17.From a Seaside (Grand View cut)by Noise Boyz6:17
18.Mars Mobil (Da Phunky Spacetrip cut)by Space Tourist5:13
19.Pussycat (Swingin Voice mix) (feat. Io Vita)by Noise Boyz6:11
20.Spectral Jazz (Phunky Phuture mix)by Thermodynamics4:39
21.Tres Chic (Floatinggroove mix)by Pascal Dubois4:15
22.Stoned Love (Jazzomatic mix)by Good Chillaz5:20
23.City Collars (Funklounge cut)by Orange Music5:34
24.Long Flight Home (Jazzfly mix)by Noise Boyz5:10
25.Tranquility Station (Smooth Evening cut)by Jazz Connection4:31
26.Jazz Loungebar, Vol. 1 (continuous DJ mix)by DJ Maretimo2:03:57