Jazzy James Jr. Presents Jazz Loungebar, Vol. 4: A Smooth & Jazzy Lounge Trip mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Jazzy James Jr. Presents Jazz Loungebar, Vol. 4: A Smooth & Jazzy Lounge Tripby Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:22:49


1.De el mar a la luna (Jazz Loungebar mix)by Vladi Strecker6:40
2.Fusion of Jazz (Trumpet Tower mix)by Jazzy James Jr.5:30
3.Cafe 3000 (Deep Guitar mix)by Noise Boyz5:03
4.Changing Winds (Jazzfly mix)by Laid Back Avenue5:48
5.The Journey to Perfect (Lazy Afternoon cut)by Vladi Strecker7:48
6.Bodega 10 P.M. (Jazz on the Water mix)by Jazzy James Jr.4:47
7.The Man I Love (Electric Jazz mix)by Jazz City6:01
8.Laz Vegaz (Deep Gambler mix)by Cafe Americaine5:09
9.Melange (Lazy Afternoon cut)by In Credo4:46
10.Night Phone (Phunky Stuff mix)by Bay Area4:32
11.It's All About Autumn (Jazzy Fingers mix)by Noise Boyz5:48
12.Sweet Honey Drops (Jazzomatic cut)by Cafe Americaine4:23
13.Don't Stop It (Electric mix)by Chillwalker4:50
14.Transposed Happiness (Saxophonic mix)by Skindive Inc.6:29
15.Sex International (Deep Flow cut)by Cafe Americaine4:52
16.Shadow of Your Smile (Jazzfinger cut)by Orange Music6:11
17.Taste of Life (Slow Motion cut)by Vladi Strecker3:22
18.Embrasse moi (French Trumpet mix)by Cafe Americaine4:57
19.There's No Jazzy Limit (Cool Sax mix)by Kid Coconutz6:29
20.Explorer (Deep Fall mix)by Thermodynamics4:50
21.Wall Street Coffee (Da Funky Brokers cut)by Vladi Strecker4:25
22.Blue (Smooth mix)by Chillwalker4:38
23.Alpina Air (Nightfly mix)by Cafe Americaine5:27
24.Destiny (Slowstar mix)by Noise Boyz5:18
25.Source (Beachview cut)by Vladi Strecker8:15
26.Jazz Loungebar, Vol. 4 (Continuous DJ mix)by DJ Maretimo2:06:31