Jelly Banquet mp3 Album by De‐Phazz

Jelly Banquetby De‐Phazz

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:17:25


1.Need to Be Strong (feat. Ola Onabule)4:00
2.I Was There (feat. Sandie Wollasch)3:26
3.Sugar Boogie3:44
4.Suddenly (feat. Karl Frierson)3:31
5.Drop the Ball (feat. Eliana Burki)1:50
6.Roy Story (feat. Roy Randolph)2:41
7.Cougar (feat. Barbara Lahr & Tubilah)4:01
8.She Felt Lost (feat. Peter Wolbrandt)2:22
9.Kartoji Man (feat. Giedrė)3:57
10.Mr. Minky (feat. Flo Dauner & Wolfgang Dauner)3:18
11.Vare por vare (feat. Ganes & Trio 3D)2:55
12.Which Way to Go (feat. Caro Trischler)3:08
13.Mexico Lindo (feat. Lily Dahab)4:05
14.Love Doesn’t Care (feat. Pat Appleton & Karl Frierson)3:47
15.Destiny (feat. Sandie Wollasch & Stephan Zobeley)4:09
16.Still Going (feat. Inga Rumpf)3:29
17.Entre le sol et le ciel (feat. Vanille)3:06
18.Go to Hell (feat. Carol Schuler)3:19
19.Nia en bun om (feat. Ganes & Eccomoreno)3:11
20.Faking News (feat. Hattler & Fola Dada)3:53
21.The Actress (feat. David Thomas)3:29
22.Higher Kraut (feat. Mani Neumeier & Jan Fride Wolbrandt)2:22
23.Open Skies (feat. Pat Appleton & Joo Kraus)3:42