Journey Into The World Of Latino Beats mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Journey Into The World Of Latino Beatsby Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 2:36:36


Disk #1

1.Solaby Chicos Del Barrio5:03
2.Cha Cha Chaby Bossa Orchestra5:38
3.Bossa Loveby Sabana4:14
4.Bilongoby Benny Gonzalez3:40
5.Another Life (Gradle Mix)by Sylvia Mondas4:00
6.Cuban Daysby Pico Pico2:44
7.Compo Rumbaby Jose Delgado3:14
8.Late Night Party (Rising Star Mix)by Oscar Ahora3:48
9.Dance With U (Cool Mix)by Aantonio Zz3:45
10.Light My Fireby Lonely Planet3:58
11.Love Warby Mabi3:57
12.Paradiseby Zapata3:47
13.Rumba Loveby The Cuban Heals2:53
14.Beach Life (Bar Groove Mix)by Javier Conquesta4:07
15.Sierra Maestraby Boddy Groove3:58
16.Sol Sol ( Sunscreen Dub)by Cuban Collective4:53
17.Sunsetby Gustavo Martinez2:28
18.Rumbaby Chan Chamba4:47
19.Tell Me U Want Me (Chill Mix)by Hispana Hombres3:23
20.Va Voomby Porto Estevez4:13

Disk #2

1.Habaneraby Senor Senor3:55
2.The Bottle (Hermano Mix)by Omega Mantra3:59
3.Look Of Loveby Phillipe Ortiz3:02
4.Tangoby Duo Knights3:45
5.Los Solby Roberto Sol4:24
6.Blue Lounge (Azur Mix)by The Professor3:45
7.Venue Of Loveby Sly Twinbeck3:57
8.Canyengueby Luna3:55
9.Fade Into Lifeby Arclite4:15
10.Ballroom Tangoby Ballroom Orchestra3:46
11.Quick Holdby Family Affair3:56
12.Look Backby Lazyday3:52
13.The Rhythmby Julius Habana Orchestra3:45
14.Echo (Bassbin Mix)by Orchestra Pm3:50
15.Tango Nuevoby Andras Astor3:58
16.Cuba Libre (Dancehall Mx)by Sham3:28
17.Late Night Partyby Oscar Ahora3:59
18.Gasa Grandeby Afro Stars3:52
19.Devotoby Nelly Smras3:35
20.Hispana El Hambraby Black Shore5:08