King Of The Kill (Re-Issue) mp3 Album by Annihilator
  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:09:15


1.The Box5:29
2.King of the Kill3:12
4.Bad Child3:39
7.Second to None5:14
8.Hell Is a War5:19
10.In the Blood4:17
11.Catch the Wind3:47
12.Fiasco (The Slate)0:09
14.Only Be Lonely5:31
15.Comments From Jeff Waters10:23
Jean Chushkata
King of the Kill is an album by Jeff Waters and Annihilator by numbers, because the band leader not only handled writing duties but sang, played all guitars and used a session drummer for the rhythm section. It is unlike the progressive-thrash (if this is a suitable label) material of Annihilator's early albums.

No, King of the Kill is more eighties, heavy rock and - as such - works incredibly well. The eponymous track is crafted using a drop-D tuning riff which is heavy and dynamic and sounds chest-poundingly awesome, with the frenetic but compressed sound of the drumming giving the song a different, almost garagy-vibe.

Second to None is melodic and heavy, in a true Waters vein, telling a story of addiction and mind control and featuring a tasty melodic break, beautiful and skillful performance which sounds almost effortless.

In the Blood is the track which introduced me to Annihilator. A clean, almost icy delivery makes this ballad a spine-chiller full of machismo and danger. All in all this is an album of my youth which may make me biased but still, for the quality of its song-writing, melody and musicianship, this is a rare 5/5 for me.