Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by The Cure

Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (Deluxe Edition)by The Cure

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:26:30


Disk #1

1.The Kiss6:17
4.If Only Tonight We Could Sleep4:53
5.Why Can't I Be You?3:13
6.How Beautiful You Are5:14
7.The Snakepit7:00
8.Hey You!2:24
9.Just Like Heaven3:33
10.All I Want5:22
11.Hot Hot Hot!!!3:35
12.One More Time4:32
13.Like Cockatoos3:40
14.Icing Sugar3:49
15.The Perfect Girl2:33
16.A Thousand Hours3:24
17.Shiver And Shake3:29

Disk #2

1.The Kiss (Rs Home Demo)3:40
2.The Perfect Girl (Studio Demo)3:26
3.Like Cockatoos (Studio Demo)2:12
4.All I Want (Studio Demo)3:33
5.Hot Hot Hot!!! (Studio Demo)3:50
6.Shiver And Shake (Studio Demo)2:56
7.If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (Studio Demo)3:16
8.Just Like Heaven (Studio Demo)3:26
9.Hey You! (Studio Demo)2:33
10.A Thousand Hours (Studio Demo)3:27
11.Icing Sugar (Studio Alt Mix)3:20
12.One More Time (Studio Alt Mix)4:37
13.How Beautiful You Are... (Live Bootleg)5:23
14.The Snakepit (Live Bootleg)7:30
15.Catch (Live Bootleg)2:32
16.Torture (Live Bootleg)4:05
17.Fight (Live Bootleg)4:30
18.Why Can't I Be You? (Live Bootleg)7:43