Kronos Quartet: 25 Years mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Kronos Quartet: 25 Yearsby Various Artists

  • 106 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 10:33:31


Disk #1

1.John's Book of Alleged Dances: Judah to Oceanby John Adams2:32
2.John's Book of Alleged Dances: Toot Nippleby John Adams1:17
3.John's Book of Alleged Dances: Dogjamby John Adams2:33
4.John's Book of Alleged Dances: Pavane: She's So Fineby John Adams6:35
5.John's Book of Alleged Dances: Rag the Boneby John Adams3:02
6.John's Book of Alleged Dances: Habaneraby John Adams4:51
7.John's Book of Alleged Dances: Stubble Crochetby John Adams2:42
8.John's Book of Alleged Dances: Hammer & Chiselby John Adams1:16
9.John's Book of Alleged Dances: Alligator Escalatorby John Adams3:55
10.John's Book of Alleged Dances: Standchen: The Little Serenadeby John Adams4:57
11.John's Book of Alleged Dances: Judah to Ocean (reprise)by John Adams2:38
12.Fratresby Arvo Pärt9:36
13.Psalomby Arvo Pärt2:07
14.Summaby Arvo Pärt5:21
15.Missa Syllabica: I. Kyrieby Arvo Pärt2:15
16.Missa Syllabica: II. Gloriaby Arvo Pärt2:47
17.Missa Syllabica: III. Credoby Arvo Pärt4:30
18.Missa Syllabica: IV. Sanctusby Arvo Pärt0:57
19.Missa Syllabica: V. Agnus Deiby Arvo Pärt1:50
20.Missa Syllabica: VI. Ite, Missa Estby Arvo Pärt0:29

Disk #2

1.Travelling Music: I. Gentle, Easyby Kenneth Benshoof2:16
2.Travelling Music: II. Moderateby Kenneth Benshoof8:22
3.Travelling Music: III. Drivingby Kenneth Benshoof8:19
4.Song of Twenty Shadowsby Kenneth Benshoof11:27
5.Five Tango Sensations: Asleepby Astor Piazzolla5:31
6.Five Tango Sensations: Lovingby Astor Piazzolla6:17
7.Five Tango Sensations: Anxietyby Astor Piazzolla4:53
8.Five Tango Sensations: Despertarby Astor Piazzolla6:11
9.Five Tango Sensations: Fearby Astor Piazzolla4:02
10.Four, for Tangoby Astor Piazzolla4:06

Disk #3

1.Piano and String Quartetby Morton Feldman1:19:38

Disk #4

1.Quartet no. 4: Philip Glass8:00
2.Quartet no. 4: Philip Glass6:27
3.Quartet no. 4: Philip Glass8:50
4.Quartet no. 3 "Mishima": I. 1957 - Award Montageby Philip Glass3:34
5.Quartet no. 3 "Mishima": II. November 25 - Ichigayaby Philip Glass1:25
6.Quartet no. 3 "Mishima": III. 1934 - Grandmother and Kimitakeby Philip Glass2:46
7.Quartet no. 3 "Mishima": IV. 1962 - Body Buildingby Philip Glass1:42
8.Quartet no. 3 "Mishima": V. Blood Oathby Philip Glass3:16
9.Quartet no. 3 "Mishima": VI. Mishima/Closingby Philip Glass3:07
10.Quartet no. 2 "Company": Philip Glass2:12
11.Quartet no. 2 "Company": Philip Glass1:38
12.Quartet no. 2 "Company": Philip Glass1:35
13.Quartet no. 2 "Company": Philip Glass2:14
14.Quartet no. 5: Philip Glass1:13
15.Quartet no. 5: Philip Glass3:01
16.Quartet no. 5: Philip Glass5:30
17.Quartet no. 5: Philip Glass4:40
18.Quartet no. 5: Philip Glass7:44

Disk #5

1.The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind: Prelude: Calmo, sospesoby Osvaldo Golijov3:14
2.The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind: I. Agitato - Con fuoco - Maestoso - Senza misuraby Osvaldo Golijov8:35
3.The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind: II. Teneramente - Ruvido - Prestoby Osvaldo Golijov10:39
4.The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind: III. Calmo, sospeso - Allegro pesanteby Osvaldo Golijov7:16
5.The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind: Postlude: Lento, liberamenteby Osvaldo Golijov2:21
6.Quartet no. 4by Sofia Gubaidulina11:59
7.Mugam Sayagiby Franghiz Ali-Zadeh21:38

Disk #6

1.Quartet no. 2, op. 64 "Quasi una Fantasia": I. Largo (Sostenuto - Mesto)by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki8:09
2.Quartet no. 2, op. 64 "Quasi una Fantasia": II. Deciso - energico (Marcatissimo sempre)by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki6:45
3.Quartet no. 2, op. 64 "Quasi una Fantasia": III. Arioso: Adagio cantabileby Henryk Mikołaj Górecki7:26
4.Quartet no. 2, op. 64 "Quasi una Fantasia": IV. Allegro (Sempre con grande passioneby Henryk Mikołaj Górecki9:35
5.Quartet no. 1, op. 62 "Already It Is Dusk"by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki14:16

Disk #7

1.Different Trains: America - Before the Warby Steve Reich9:00
2.Different Trains: Europe - During the Warby Steve Reich7:31
3.Different Trains: After the Warby Steve Reich10:20
4.Black Angels: I. Departure: Threnody I: Night of the Electric Insects - Sounds of Bonesby George Crumb5:36
5.Black Angels: II. Absence: Pavana Lachrymae - Threnody II: Black Angels! - Sarabandaby George Crumb5:36
6.Black Angels: III. Return: God-music - Ancient Voices - Ancient Voices (Echo) - Threnody IIIby George Crumb7:16

Disk #8

1.Cadenza on the Night Plain: Introductionby Terry Riley2:21
2.Cadenza on the Night Plain: Cadenza: Violin Iby Terry Riley2:33
3.Cadenza on the Night Plain: Where Was Wisdom When We Went West?by Terry Riley3:07
4.Cadenza on the Night Plain: Cadenza: Violaby Terry Riley2:24
5.Cadenza on the Night Plain: March of the Old Timers Reefer Divisionby Terry Riley2:14
6.Cadenza on the Night Plain: Cadenza: Violin IIby Terry Riley2:06
7.Cadenza on the Night Plain: Tuning to Rolling Thunderby Terry Riley4:53
8.Cadenza on the Night Plain: The Night Cry of Black Buffalo Womanby Terry Riley2:53
9.Cadenza on the Night Plain: Cadenza: Celloby Terry Riley1:08
10.Cadenza on the Night Plain: Gathering of the Spiral Clanby Terry Riley5:26
11.Cadenza on the Night Plain: Captain Jack Has the Lastwordby Terry Riley1:43
12.G Songby Terry Riley9:46
13.Salome Dances for Peace: III. The Gift: Echoes of Primordial Timeby Terry Riley11:15
14.Salome Dances for Peace: III. The Gift: Mongolian Windsby Terry Riley4:17
15.Salome Dances for Peace: V. Good Medicine: Good Medicine Danceby Terry Riley13:34

Disk #9

1.Quartet no. 2: I. Moderatoby Alfred Schittke3:12
2.Quartet no. 2: II. Agitatoby Alfred Schittke5:35
3.Quartet no. 2: III. Mestoby Alfred Schittke6:41
4.Quartet no. 2: IV. Moderatoby Alfred Schittke6:36
5.Quartet no. 4: I. Lentoby Alfred Schittke9:01
6.Quartet no. 4: II. Allegroby Alfred Schittke7:00
7.Quartet no. 4: III. Lentoby Alfred Schittke5:57
8.Quartet no. 4: IV. Vivaceby Alfred Schittke3:26
9.Quartet no. 4: V. Lentoby Alfred Schittke9:30
10.Concerto for Mixed Choir: Collected Songs Where Every Verse Is Filled With Griefby Alfred Schittke8:25

Disk #10

1.Quartet no. 11 "Jabiru Dreaming": I. Decisoby Peter Sculthorpe5:03
2.Quartet no. 11 "Jabiru Dreaming": II. Amorosoby Peter Sculthorpe7:38
3.Quartet no. 8: I. Con doloreby Peter Sculthorpe2:05
4.Quartet no. 8: II. Risoluto; calmoby Peter Sculthorpe3:20
5.Quartet no. 8: III. Con doloreby Peter Sculthorpe3:05
6.Quartet no. 8: IV. Con precisioneby Peter Sculthorpe1:36
7.Quartet no. 8: V. Con doloreby Peter Sculthorpe1:59
8.From Ubirrby Peter Sculthorpe11:19
9.Memoirs of a Lost Soul: Tragedy at the Operaby P.Q. Phan6:37
10.Quartet no. 1 "White Man Sleeps": First Danceby Kevin Volans4:04
11.Quartet no. 1 "White Man Sleeps": Second Danceby Kevin Volans5:08
12.Quartet no. 1 "White Man Sleeps": Third Danceby Kevin Volans3:28
13.Quartet no. 1 "White Man Sleeps": Fourth Danceby Kevin Volans6:20
14.Quartet no. 1 "White Man Sleeps": Fifth Danceby Kevin Volans3:28