Let There Be Rock (Remastered) mp3 Album by AC/DC

Let There Be Rock (Remastered)by AC/DC

  • 8 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 41:02


1.Go Down5:31
2.Dog Eat Dog3:35
3.Let There Be Rock6:06
4.Bad Boy Boogie4:28
5.Problem Child5:25
7.Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be4:14
8.Whole Lotta Rosie5:34
Blues Man '51
Everybody should know by now, AC/DC is an Australian based rock band that has survived for over 40 years and the death of their first lead singer, Bon Scott way back in 1980. Fortunately, Bon was alive and well during the making of this iconic rock album from 1977. This may have been the first release in the US for AC/DC.

I was blown away when I first opened a vinyl copy of this album back in 1977 and played it on my turntable. Hadn't heard anything like it before and nobody has improved upon their high energy, raw, heavy, blues based beat.

Only 8 songs on "Let There Be Rock", no 2 minute shorties here.

Track 1. Go Down, a medium paced blues based tune with high energy vocals from Bon Scott with plenty of sexual innuendos. One of the best guitar solo's ever from Angus Young.

Track 2. Dog Eat Dog, probably about competition in the music business.

Track 3. Let There Be Rock, title track that describes the evolution of Rock & Rock music backed with the iconic AC/DC beat and more Angus Young fantastic guitar soloing.

Track 4. Bad Boy Boogie, another high energy blues rock beat, nice guitar work again.

Track 5. Problem Child, toe tapping beat, a juvenile delinquent's theme song.

Track 6. Overdose, AC/DC are masters of the addictive heavy beat, this one captures it all. A love song, not drug related surprisingly.

Track 7. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be, another addictive guitar drum beat example and a tongue in cheek reference to bad behavior.

Track 8. Whole Lotta Rosie, fast paced with another addictive guitar riff and fine guitar soloing, evidently about an encounter with a large lady, Rosie.