Rock Or Bust mp3 Album by AC/DC

Rock Or Bustby AC/DC

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 34:58


1.Rock or Bust3:03
2.Play Ball2:47
3.Rock the Blues Away3:25
4.Miss Adventure2:56
5.Dogs of War3:36
6.Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder3:23
7.Hard Times2:44
8.Baptism by Fire3:30
9.Rock the House2:43
10.Sweet Candy3:10
11.Emission Control3:41
All real fans know in advance what to expect from "Rock or Bust" and it is useless to expect novelty or fireworks from a band that holds the scene for forty years by proposing the same formula, with small variations, which move the pointer on a more original inspiration or influence over the other, but always keeping the same basic recipe. The problem has never been what to expect from them, but always and only if the new album is in good inspiration and will be more or less at the previous. However, it is now proven that the group has entered into a crisis of composition, showing so few moments of class, but no longer possess that irresistible brilliance of the first albums made them a legend. The disappearance of the contribution of Malcolm can only have made even more shaky writing songs and this is a fact, but it can hardly be due to large differences in the final result.
Coming to the songs, the news is encouraging, but not too much. The tradition is respected, all the musicians involved do their job to the best of current possibilities, including Brian Johnson that over time has lost much of the "body" of his voice, but manages to characterize the songs with his stamp acid and sharp without little room for regret. Rock or Bust and Play Ball are undoubtedly two of the most interesting tracks among those proposed and the next Rock the Blues Away keeps the pace, as well as Miss Adventure, which could not be more rock'n'roll. Even Dogs of War that presents a development just less immediate previous moves to the end quite well. From here on, the level of attention is lowered drastically: Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder is not just one of those songs that you would like to hand down to posterity. The same can be said of Hard Times, which has dragged heavily to the bottom by turning around two cliché repeated obsessively and without any conviction if not in the solos of Angus, the only guarantee of the band. Better the next Baptism by Fire, which slightly raises the bar and while remaining anonymous purest, is finally a rock song funny. We return to levels much more interesting with Rock the House, monolith compact and dynamic, and that helps not just to get to the bottom of the disc, since Sweet Candy rushes back into the repeated and unconvinced repetition without real soul. Whether you talk about hard rock, rock or blues, this is unfortunately a lack of which can not be remedied. Much more fun Emission Control, classic blues hopping and reiterated that closes Rock or Bust with a little 'of pace and not too much desire to start over.

What about the sixteenth studio album by AC / DC, by far the shortest with 35 minutes in duration? The group plays a role now consolidated and that appears every time the most worn. The disk itself can be heard and in some episodes scratch yet, but the overall level is quite low and this time also the songs that work in the midst of the filler does not seem able to make a real difference. Ironically, it is perhaps because of its brevity, the fact that all the songs are concise and without too many frills, to be a point in its favor. The trademark of the band if it is earned by the sweat, with the nails, teeth and with a handful of legendary albums and now no one can take it away. Surely, few will argue that the lack of Malcolm Young has really weighed on the final result. The truth is that any better than that he could not go. This is what AC / DC have to give today and there is nothing more to say.