Life Is Killing Me mp3 Album by Type O Negative
  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:59:07


Disk #1

2.I Don't Wanna Be Me5:09
3.Less Than Zero (<0)5:25
4.Todd'S Ship Gods (Above All Things)4:11
5.I Like Goils2:35
6....A Dish Best Served Coldly7:13
7.How Could She?7:36
8.Life Is Killing Me6:35
10.(We Were) Electrocute6:39
11.Iydkmigthtky (Gimme That)6:20
12.Angry Inch3:39
14.Drunk In Paris1:27
15.The Dream Is Dead5:07

Disk #2

1.Out Of The Fire (Kane'S Theme)3:24
2.Christian Woman (Butt-Kissing, Sell-Out Version)4:27
3.Suspended In Dusk8:39
4.Blood & Fire (Out Of The Ashes Mix)4:37
5.Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath Cover)7:47
6.Cinnamon Girl (Extended Depression Mix)3:54
7.Haunted (Per Version)11:47
Richard Rowe
Type-O-Negative were a pioneering Goth Metal outfit over the nineties. This is their first release of the millennium and shows that their music is as strong and powerful as it ever was!

This record is very much in the vein of Type-O-Negative’s previous work with their dark atmospheric drone that lulls the listener into a numb state. This time round they have made guitar sound much more dominant giving music a more rocking feel to it.

The album opens with the minute long drowning introduction piece ‘thir13teen’ this is followed ‘I don’t want to be me’ which is faster paces and more rocking then most of Type – O – Negative’s previous efforts. ‘Less than zero’ sees the band experiment with some Eastern sounds, again with their usual dark soundscape in place, this makes for an interesting mix. ‘I like Goils’ is a two and a half minute punk rock tune that outclasses most other punk rock bands around. ‘How could she’ sees some powerful guitar riffs that are somewhat reminiscent of Metallica’s early work. ‘(We were) Electrocute’ is a curious almost poppy tune that has some elements of the Beatles in its sound. ‘Drunk in Paris" is an interesting minute and a half instrumental driven by a harmonica.

This is yet another fantastic release from Type-O-Negative. If you are a fan of Type-O-Negative's previous work or a fan of Goth-Metal in general then you will probably like this record.