Live at Paradiso mp3 Live by Epica

Live at Paradisoby Epica

  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:53:36


1.Hunab K’u (live at Paradiso)1:59
2.Dance of Fate (live at Paradiso)5:48
3.Sensorium (live at Paradiso)4:59
4.The Last Crusade (live at Paradiso)4:26
5.Solitary Ground (live at Paradiso)4:52
6.Force of the Shore (live at Paradiso)4:25
7.Quietus (live at Paradiso)4:39
8.Linger (live at Paradiso)4:18
9.Blank Infinity (live at Paradiso)4:02
10.Crystal Mountain (live at Paradiso)4:55
11.Seif Al Din (live at Paradiso)5:40
12.Façade of Reality (live at Paradiso)8:49
13.Trois Vierges (live at Paradiso)5:12
14.Another Me (In Lack’Ech) (live at Paradiso)4:47
15.The Phantom Agony (live at Paradiso)10:53
16.Cry for the Moon (live at Paradiso)7:59
17.Run for a Fall (live at Paradiso)7:08
18.Mother of Light (live at Paradiso)7:10
19.Consign to Oblivion (live at Paradiso)11:35