The Solace System mp3 Album by Epica

The Solace Systemby Epica

  • 6 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 29:57


1.The Solace System4:39
2.Fight Your Demons4:30
3.Architect Of Light5:21
4.Wheel Of Destiny5:52
5.Immortal Melancholy3:09
6.Decoded Poetry6:26
Epica gives us a special treat with this 30 minute, 6 song EP, 2017 release. These tracks are supposed to be leftovers from their previous album entitled "The Holographic Principle". It would have been a shame not to have been able to hear them, since the songs don't sound like bonus tracks, but as part of a new album. The opening song "The Solace System" is a bombastic tune and definitely their strongest on this release. Their are many layers of music, chorus, and orchestration which make it a very good production. The only downfall are all the growling that should not be in the songs. It just ruins them. It would have been extra special to have an instrumental version of these songs, as it has been the case with previous releases. Other strong tunes are "Architect Of Light", and "Wheel Of Destiny". Another solid release, with all muscians in top notch. Playing them in concert must be a challenge unless they are using background tracks.