Live Scenes From New York mp3 Live by Dream Theater
  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:07:31


Disk #1

2.Overture 19283:32
3.Strange Deja Vu5:03
4.Through My Words1:42
5.Fatal Tragedy6:22
6.Beyond This Life11:17
7.John & Theresa Solo Spot3:18
8.Through Her Eyes6:17
10.The Dance Of Eternity6:24

Disk #2

1.One Last Time4:12
2.The Spirit Carries On7:40
3.Finally Free11:00
4.Metropolis Pt. 110:37
5.The Mirror8:15
6.Just Let Me Breathe4:03
7.Acid Rain2:35
8.Caught In A New Millennium6:22
9.Another Day5:13
10.Jordan Rudess Keyboard Solo6:40

Disk #3

1.A Mind Beside Itself I: Erotomania7:22
2.A Mind Beside Itself Ii: Voices9:45
3.A Mind Beside Itself Iii: The Silent Man5:09
4.Learning To Live14:02
5.A Change Of Seasons24:34