Lounge Bar Milano, Vol. 2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Lounge Bar Milano, Vol. 2by Various Artists

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:24:28


1.Cap D'agdeby Chillelektro6:22
2.The Old Port In Mykonosby Milfy Cougar, Aba Abas3:52
3.Sol Y Sombraby Sombra Modos5:51
4.Cold Fireby Proxy Brides5:41
5.Quarmeliteby Mister Veejay5:57
6.Puntarenasby Sésion De Los Flores5:47
7.Hug Me Tightby Don Gorda Project, Boring Sax, Las Atlanticas4:00
8.Harmanby Bernd Gauly, Ravigauly & Band9:15
9.Peace Of Meby Andrew Fields, Le-ann3:14
10.Parasolby Paco Borges Ensemble5:46
11.Warm Sourceby Lamar Ensemble6:03
12.All The Stars (Ez Instrumental Mix)by Anirhythm4:27
13.Something Lightby Fascinating Case6:03
14.Timed Outby Dustin Lefholz4:21
15.Brisa De La Marby Huey Buzo, Volker Zimmer3:44
16.Vantage Pointby Exquisite Frame5:41
17.Gatesby Soni Soner6:41
18.Before It's Too Lateby Degreezero5:40
19.Another Day (Chillout Soundtrack Instrumental)by Michael Ruland3:40
20.Whaleby Ronald Boreas5:11
21.Triangle Balloonsby Sound Traveller2:14
22.When The Sun Goes Downby Albert Moon2:35
23.Sunset Emotionby Stefan Schnabel5:54
24.Beneath The Banisterby Leisure Pleasure5:41
25.Beauty Fades Fastby Collective Sound Members4:22
26.At The End There's Nothing Left To Say (Lounge Version)by Lounge Myrial3:33
27.Stay (Winter Dream Mix)by Silentloops7:28
28.Oceans Of Calmby Aural Space5:25