Make Believe mp3 Album by Weezer
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 45:11


1.Beverly Hills3:16
2.Perfect Situation4:15
3.This Is Such A Pity3:24
4.Hold Me4:23
6.We Are All On Drugs3:32
7.The Damage In Your Heart4:03
8.Pardon Me4:16
9.My Best Friend2:48
10.The Other Way3:17
11.Freak Me Out3:26
12.Haunt You Every Day4:37
I haven't listened to all of 'Make Believe' yet, but I'm well on my way! Weezer was so big when I was in elementary school, and I loved this album when it was out! My favorite song was 'Beverly Hills' of course, and me and my friends still sing it today. This album is great for driving/travelling, in my opinion! And MP3 Caprice always sells at a great price so you get an awesome song from an awesome place!