Manchester North of England - A Story of Independent Music Greater Manchester 1977 - 1993 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Manchester North of England - A Story of Independent Music Greater Manchester 1977 - 1993by Various Artists

  • 146 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 9:12:40


Disk #1

1.Breakdown (demo)by Buzzcocks2:10
2.Cranked Up Really Highby Slaughter and The Dogs2:52
3.Ain't Bin to No Music Schoolby The Nosebleeds2:56
4.Just Want to Be Myself (LP version)by The Drones2:45
5.Psycle Sluts Pts. 1 & 2by John Cooper Clarke5:47
6.Going Steadyby Jilted John3:50
7.Louie Louie (edit)by John The Postman3:29
8.Heads Down, No Nonsense, Mindless Boogieby Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias2:42
9.The Light Pours Out of Meby Magazine4:38
10.The Killby Spherical Objects3:29
11.Up and Aboutby Steve Miro2:40
12.Man in the Boxby V24:14
13.Maybe It's Loveby The Distractions3:04
14.Stay Awakeby Grow-Up1:09
15.Voice in the Darkby The Frantic Elevators2:01
16.She's Lost Controlby Joy Division3:52
17.Baiserby Chris Sievey2:30
18.To Youby The Smirks3:08
19.Manchester Boysby Salford Jets3:07
20.Snap It Aroundby 48 Chairs3:35
21.Downpourby Foreign Press3:59
22.Warren Rowby She Cracked3:26
23.English Black Boys (edit)by X-O-Dus4:45
24.Dem a Sus (In the Moss)by Harlem Spirit3:39

Disk #2

1.Rowche Rumbleby The Fall4:02
2.The Kids Just Wanna Danceby Fast Cars3:29
3.Does It Matter Irene?by The Mothmen4:14
4.Yesterday's Loveby Any Trouble2:50
5.Big Noise in the Jungleby The Tiller Boys5:55
6.No Forgettingby The Manchester Mekon2:56
7.Faithby Manicured Noise3:30
8.Edward Foxby Smack4:08
9.Some Like It Hotby Bet Lynch's Legs4:30
10.Lips That Would Kissby Durutti Column3:47
11.The Floodby Blue Orchids4:19
12.I'm in Love With the Girl on the Manchester Virgin Megastore Checkout Deskby The Freshies2:50
13.Cloud of Fliesby The Hamsters4:03
14.Acid Tabla Dubby Suns of Arqa3:01
15.The Foxby A Certain Ratio3:05
16.Deafby Crispy Ambulance3:58
17.My Cherry Is in Sherryby Ludus2:40
18.Bricksby The Diagram Bros2:44
19.Subliminalby Eric Random4:41
20.Valium Girlsby Bee Vamp4:35
21.In Shredsby The Chameleons4:08

Disk #3

1.Temptation (7" version)by New Order5:24
2.Marking Timeby Syncopation3:49
3.Rosemaryby Dislocation Dance2:48
4.Sugar Daddyby Carmel3:09
5.You've Got Me Beatby Swamp Children4:56
6.Disciplineby God's Gift4:26
7.Processionby Nico and the Invisible Girls4:50
8.Cool as Ice (U.S. 7" edit)by 52nd Street4:01
9.Sharp Tongueby The Passage3:04
10.Aair Careby Biting Tongues5:00
11.Leaves Were Fallingby Jane Of All1:22
12.Working and Shoppingby Tools You Can Trust3:20
13.Love Tempo (Benelux edit)by Quando Quango3:35
14.Grunt Cadillac Hotelby Inca Babies2:38
15.Reach for Loveby Marcel King5:28
16.Looking From a Hilltopby Section 254:33
17.Tell Meby Life3:11
18.All at Onceby Stockholm Monsters2:56
19.Spike Milligan's Tape Recorderby The Membranes4:12
20.Kitchen Sink Dramaby A Witness4:17
21.Love at the Haciendaby Graham Fellows2:35

Disk #4

1.Chain Mailby James3:26
2.Belle Vueby Miaow4:10
3.Whistling in the Darkby Easterhouse3:42
4.Scar Tissueby The Bodies3:39
5.Why Popstars Can't Danceby bIG fLAME1:59
6.China Dollby The Weeds2:36
7.Get Highby Yargo5:21
8.Sharpby Twang3:18
9.Me and My Miniby Edward Barton2:31
10.D'You Think I Look Like Elvis Presley?by Big Ed & His Rocking Rattlesnakes3:06
11.Garage Full of Flowers (Flexi version)by Inspiral Carpets3:45
12.Days of the Weekby The Danny Boys3:11
13.Let Goby Thirst!3:27
14.Drive Drive Drive (22 and Still in Love with You)by The Man From Delmonte2:30
15.Falling Upstairsby The Monkey Run4:18
16.Spend My Whole Life Loving Youby Metro Trinity3:44
17.Take Me Downby Mirrors Over Kiev3:14
18.This Is How I Feelby The Paperboys3:46
19.A Peck on the Cheek À La Politiquéby The Great Leap Forward3:23
20.Kill All the Boysby TOT3:31
21.Meat Mouth Is Murderby Meat Mouth4:40
22.Cariñoby T-Coy5:16

Disk #5

1.24 Hour Party Peopleby Happy Mondays4:39
2.Man in a Suitby Ambitious Beggars3:17
3.Skin Stormby Bradford3:15
4.Time to Lose It (John Peel radio session version)by Laugh3:13
5.Hurry on Down (When Will I See You Again)by Too Much Texas2:43
6.Pessimistic Manby Fallover 243:30
7.The Deepestby The Waltones4:12
8.Nice Time at the Discoby Raintree County4:46
9.Subway Lifeby Johnny Dangerously2:26
10.In Salford the Sun Doesn't Shineby Jean Go Solo2:43
11.Passion in the Afternoonby The Desert Wolves3:37
12.The Last of the Famous International Playboysby Morrissey3:38
13.Fanciable Headcaseby King of the Slums4:58
14.C'Est La Vieby The Sun and the Moon4:34
15.Chorus of the Lostby The Reegs5:24
16.The Man With the Golden Armby Barry Adamson4:05
17.Ooh! This Feelingby The Jazz Defektors4:20
18.All This and Heaven Too (radio edit)by Chapter and The Verse4:42
19.Voodoo Rayby A Guy Called Gerald4:27
20.Born in the Northby Us5:15

Disk #6

1.What the World Is Waiting Forby The Stone Roses3:53
2.Veinby What? Noise4:35
3.Swerveby Dub Sex2:59
4.Hold Onby The Train Set3:21
5.Waterskinby The Jerks3:56
6.And Then She Smilesby The Mock Turtles3:17
7.7 Reasons (demo)by Revenge3:59
8.Getting Away With Itby Electronic4:17
9.How Sleep the Brave (Jazz mix vocal edit)by MC Buzz B5:53
10.The Only Rhyme That Bites (vs. 808 State)by MC Tunes4:31
11.Big (edit)by New Fast Automatic Daffodils4:07
12.Shall We Take a Tripby Northside4:23
13.Get Readyby The Rainkings2:35
14.Perfumeby Paris Angels4:12
15.Box Set Goby The High4:03
16.18 Dazeby The Cygnet Ring3:23
17.Dazedby Asia Fields4:08
18.And It Wasn't a Dreamby Ruthless Rap Assassins3:01
19.Coming Through Clearby Krispy 34:34
20.Let Off (7" mix) (feat Ruthless Rap Assassins)by Kiss AMC3:37

Disk #7

1.Sproston Greenby The Charlatans5:13
2.Giant Seaby Swirl4:22
3.Sons of the Stageby World of Twist5:10
4.Dream Beam (7" edit)by Hypnotone4:06
5.Cubik (original mix)by 808 State3:22
6.Space Faceby Sub Sub6:47
7.Camper Vanby The Adventure Babies4:45
8.Flyby The Days3:15
9.Murderby Kill Laura1:51
10.Caterpillarsby Wonky Alice5:03
11.Soupby Robinson3:19
12.Lionrockby Lionrock5:12
13.Song to the Sirenby The Chemical Brothers4:32
14.Can You Fly Like You Mean It (Gungadin) (feat. Shaun Ryder)by Intastella4:20
15.Offshoreby Puressence3:25
16.Dirt and Soulby Bandit Queen3:25
17.Barnyby Molly Half Head3:18
18.Columbia (demo)by Oasis5:28

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