Memories by Various Artists


by Various Artists

  • 60 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:18:37


1.Neigh Anything (vs. FritzyBeat, μThunder feat. Melody Note)by Sim Gretina4:06
2.Ponez (and iblank2apples)by DJT4:28
3.Into the Nightby ThatMusicBrony5:00
4.The Storm (and UndreamedPanic feat. Synthis)by Silva Hound5:29
5.Hear Me Roar (feat. Megaphoric)by Exiark4:44
6.New Futureby L.M.5:38
7.Chant of Immortality (feat. Chi-Chi)by 4EverfreeBrony3:44
8.Midnight Lament (feat. ButterflyIdentity & Decibelle)by Aurelleah3:59
9.Frailty (feat. Milkymomo)by PrinceWhateverer4:49
10.Sonic Rainboom VIPby Silver Note3:30
11.Dare Master (feat. Brittany Church)by The Wasteland Wailers4:58
12.Luna's Swing (and FritzyBeat)by μThunder4:19
13.Becomeby Metajoker & Respin5:44
14.She'll Be There (feat. Francis Vace)by EnsionD4:15
15.Crash to Piecesby Synthis3:39
16.Ghostie (vs. FritzyBeat & Turquoise Splash)by Jastrian3:46
17.Breathing Space (and Rusyd Rosman)by DJT4:57
18.Timeless VIPby John Kenza3:58
19.Skystrikeby LutariFan3:16
20.Togetherby Foozogz4:43
21.Your Friendby NeverLastStanding4:45
22.Another Starby Exiark & Flittzy6:13
23.Dimensionsby L.M.5:36
24.Night Light (and bank pain)by UndreamedPanic4:51
25.Penumbra (Quadrivia remix)by NeoN & Xavi5:18
26.Undergroundby Dauntless & Mythos3:50
27.Evil Magicsby Mantlegen3:40
28.Horrified (feat. FritzyBeat)by Jyc Row3:24
29.Everfree Forest (and Exiark feat. Melody Bird)by 174UDSI4:38
30.Acid Trap (and UndreamedPanic)by Budzy3:19
31.Poison Jokeby Trinity & Nexaka4:34
32.Horse Partyby PVNK3:00
33.Glimmerby Starlight3:29
34.Funky Ventureby IKX2:57
35.Good Intentionsby FWLR3:45
36.Roses & Cannonballsby bank pain4:13
37.I've Been Dreaming of Sunshine and Celery Stalksby iblank2apples4:09
38.Fountainby Hydra3:45
39.Undead Sugar Poniesby Progressive Element4:34
40.Battlecryby Totalspark3:43
41.I Knowby Radiarc4:26
42.Data (and 4EverfreeBrony feat. Koron Korak)by Jyc Row5:32
43.The Moonlit Meadowby Frozen Night3:36
44.Let the Magic Fill Your Soulby WoodLore3:54
45.Finding My Way (Back Home) (and Megabyte Brony)by Replacer6:13
46.Peppermint Poniesby Flittzy3:28
47.Socksby Luna Ticks3:19
48.Selena (and Velvet Wings)by SDreamExplorerS4:49
49.Antagonistby Sky Runner3:14
50.Dental Damn (feat. Midnight Melody)by PegasYs3:35
51.Horse Party (R3CTIFIER remix)by PVNK3:34
52.SHAPESHFTRby StrachAttack3:52
53.Ain't Scaredby syzygy.3:13
54.Black Magicby Suskii4:10
55.The Light VIP (feat. Kutina)by Einarx4:50
56.Perceptionby Pony Music4:48
57.Going Nowhereby Crystarium4:45
58.Vilniusby ALfiux4:12
59.Lost Lullaby (and Hay Tea)by Age of Vinyl5:42
60.Peace at Spectra4:40