MHz Legacy mp3 Album by MHz

MHz Legacyby MHz

  • 17 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 1:05:54


1.Accidentally on Purpose2:45
2.Hindsight (1998) (Feat. Playdough)4:56
3.Four Player Mode3:45
4.Outta Room3:07
5.Spaceship (Feat. Danny Brown)3:48
6.Soul Train (Of Thought) (Feat. Oh No)3:48
7.Addictionary (Feat. Ill Bill & Slaine)3:20
10.Columbus Diss Patch (Feat. Dom)3:33
11.Mass Temple (Feat. Stephen Kilroy)3:55
12.Y'all Don't Know4:34
13.Yellow and Blue (Feat. Blu)4:17
14.Satisfaction (Feat. Slug)3:55
15.Tero Smith (Feat. Aaron Earl Livingston)5:28
16.Somewhere (2099)3:21
17.Mechanical Me4:03
For those who've never heard of Copywrite, RJD2, Jakki, Tage and the late Camu Tao, this release from the Ohio super group MHz (MegaHertz) is their best work in my opinion. Right from the start with "Accidentally on Purpose" they hit top gear. Lyrically MHz and especially Copywrite deliver a their typical metaphorical genius that put them on the map. "Hindsight (1998)" follows on brilliantly and was the kind of vintage MHz which they delivered on the "Cruise Control" mixtape. Some of the other stand outs were "Gone", "Mass Temple" and "Mechanical Me" but to be honest there's not a single bad track on here. End to end, this album really flows and personally I agree with MHz on "Accidentally on Purpose" that this is "the album of the year... accidentally on purpose". Be sure to get it!