Yeezus mp3 Album by Kanye West

Yeezusby Kanye West

  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 40:06


1.On Sight2:37
2.Black Skinhead3:08
3.I Am a God3:52
4.New Slaves4:16
5.Hold My Liquor (feat. Chief Keef & Justin Vernon)5:27
6.I'm in It3:55
7.Blood on the Leaves6:00
8.Guilt Trip (feat. Kid Cudi)4:04
9.Send It Up (feat. King L)2:58
10.Bound 23:49
avid music listener
Much different material than previously seen from Kanye! Yeezus is a complete 180 from watch the throne, Ye's previous album with Jay Z. This album shows a more angry and frustrated Kanye west. This anger in unfortunate because it goes against what we know Kanye west's material to be-uplifting and fun music. With a small track selection there are only about 3 tracks which got any attention. Those tracks (Black Skinhead, Blood on the leaves, New slaves, and debatably Bound 2) were even a little odd. Bound 2 is the weirdest song I've ever heard, yet I can't help but play it with my windows down and speakers up while driving down main street at 20mph. It's just an interesting song I guess, featuring a constant change in theme from west's rapping to a calm male's hook, to a female's suggestive and annoying voice. Black Skinhead was also another noticeable single. It was a cool song, way different from anything seen in the rap game recently, but west ruins it by spending the last 30 seconds of the song saying God's name in vain. This album is actually littered with this. Kanye continuously compares himself to "a God" in the album, which from a supposedly Christian man seems ironic and makes me want to tell him "Sit down, and shut up, you're not even close to a God, and your music is getting worse". Part of the reason for over half of the album being garbage is that Kanye self admittedly has been working very hard in clothing...throwing his music away as a result. God Bless and get better Kanye! Yeezus was a disappointment! I suggest Lecrae if you like Kanye!