Millions Like Us: The Story of the Mod Revival 1977-1989 by Various Artists

Millions Like Us: The Story of the Mod Revival 1977-1989

by Various Artists

  • 100 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:59:04


Disk #1

1.Just Another Teenage Anthemby The New Hearts1:57
2.The Fashion Plagueby The Exits2:40
3.I Can't Resistby The Reaction2:14
4.All The Sounds Of Fear (Demo)by Strangeways3:21
5.Sema 4 Messagesby Sema 42:59
6.No Survivorsby Speedball3:24
7.See Sawby The Jolt2:43
8.They're Back Again, Here They Comeby The Cigarettes3:59
9.Why Shouldn't It Happen To Meby The Killermeters3:26
10.What I Wantby The Donkeys2:26
11.Time For Actionby Secret Affair2:45
12.Millions Like Usby Purple Hearts3:08
13.Now It's Goneby The Chords3:53
14.Your Side Of Heavenby Back to Zero2:37
15.Walking Down The Kings Roadby Squire3:36
16.Plastic Smileby Merton Parkas2:12
17.Modern Boysby The Crooks2:48
18.Untamed Youthby Untamed Youth3:38
19.The Beat Is Backby The First Steps2:43
20.Gabrielleby The Nips3:35
21.Strength Of The Nationby The Teenbeats2:51
22.Go Steadyby The Lambrettas2:56
23.1970's Boyby Long Tall Shorty1:57
24.Career Girlsby Les Elite2:19
25.Don't Throw Your Life Away (Live)by Beggar2:30
26.Let Me Be The One (Live)by The Mods2:12

Disk #2

1.Opening Upby The Circles3:13
2.Saturday Nightby The Odds2:40
3.Bank Holiday Weekendby Seventeen3:08
4.Carefreeby The Most2:31
5.Hey Girlby The Scene2:12
6.Wild About Youby The Same2:33
7.Bank Holidayby The Vandells2:19
8.Three Bands Tonightby The Directions4:02
9.Maybe Tomorrowby The Chords3:14
10.School Daysby Sta-Prest3:16
11.Pack Fair And Squareby Nine Below Zero1:58
12.Blood Spattered With Guitarsby The Accidents3:50
13.Television Screen Heroesby Mi54:11
14.My Worldby Secret Affair3:40
15.S.Y.S.L.J.F.M. (The Letter Song)by Q-Tips2:35
16.That Driving Beatby Red Beans and Rice2:38
17.Choose Youby Dead Beats2:32
18.Nobody Loves Meby The Letters2:12
19.Fuck Art Let's Danceby The Name2:45
20.D-a-a-anceby The Lambrettas2:19
21.My Mind Goes Round In Circlesby Squire3:43
22.I've Had Enoughby The Scene3:20
23.I Can See Through Wallsby D.C.10's1:38
24.Sohoby Run 2292:49
25.No Way Outby The Fixations2:36
26.Don't Lecture Meby Two Tone Pinks2:47

Disk #3

1.The Kidby Small Hours3:41
2.Tina's Partyby Weekend2:31
3.Only For Sheepby The Upset4:06
4.Can We Go Dancingby The Amber Squad2:36
5.Red With Purple Flashesby The Times3:11
6.Goby The Heartbeats3:00
7.Blind To Fictionby The Dodos1:42
8.Would You Listen Girlby The Retreads2:06
9.Win Or Loseby Long Tall Shorty2:45
10.The Fakerby The Gents3:31
11.No Vacanciesby The Clues3:17
12.You And Iby The Onlookers2:48
13.Love Is Deadby Small World2:57
14.Plane Crashby Purple Hearts2:52
15.One Step Aheadby The Stripes3:49
16.Modesty Blaiseby Direct Hits2:34
17.I'll Keep Holding Onby The Diplomats3:35
18.Confusion (Hits Us Everytime)by The Truth3:02
19.Hurricaneby The Prisoners2:34
20.I Don't Need No Doctorby Fast Eddie2:04
21.Wednesday Girlby The Jetset2:29
22.Jump Backby Dee Walker2:52
23.Time Moves Us Onby The Way Out2:45
24.Nothing You Can Doby Manual Scan1:26
25.I Am With Youby Mod Fun4:10

Disk #4

1.Something That You Saidby The Scene2:25
2.Bend Don't Breakby Stupidity3:48
3.In This Townby The Moment3:40
4.Free Yourselfby The Untouchables3:39
5.Dreams Come Trueby The Combine3:56
6.Guiltyby The Alljacks3:37
7.Here Is My Numberby Makin' Time2:50
8.Kiss And Make Upby The Co-Stars3:16
9.One Good Reasonby The Boss3:33
10.The Last Man In Europeby The Blades3:22
11.Catcher In The Ryeby 5:30!3:03
12.Train To London Townby Solid State3:34
13.I Want To Sleep With Youby Eleanor Rigby3:46
14.Looking For Youby The Rage3:59
15.Step Backby The Threads2:43
16.Jobs For The Boysby The Risk3:01
17.Blow Upby The James Taylor Quartet3:54
18.Julie Londonby The Kick3:34
19.All I Want To Beby The Reflection A.O.B.3:52
20.Get Out Of My Hairby The Studio 68!2:49
21.Paint In A Dayby The Leepers3:12
22.Wormingby The Clique2:44
23.Arthur C. Clarkeby The Aardvarks2:54