Moody Blue (Special Edition) mp3 Album by Elvis Presley

Moody Blue (Special Edition)by Elvis Presley

  • 44 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:30:21


Disk #1

1.Unchained Melody2:35
2.If You Love Me (Let Me Know)3:01
3.Little Darlin'1:56
4.He'll Have to Go4:34
5.Let Me Be There3:37
6.Way Down2:41
7.Pledging My Love2:54
8.Moody Blue2:52
9.She Thinks I Still Care3:53
10.It's Easy for You3:31
11.Unchained Melody3:17
12.If You Love Me (Let Me Know)2:56
13.Moody Blue4:06
14.She Thinks I Still Care4:43
15.My Way4:21
16.Way Down3:04
17.Little Darlin'2:02
18.He'll Have to Go4:37
19.Pledging My Love3:22
20.It's Easy for You3:46
21.She Thinks I Still Care5:35
22.America the Beautiful2:20
23.Softly as I Leave You3:04

Disk #2

1.Way Down3:15
2.Way Down2:55
3.She Thinks I Still Care4:59
4.Moody Blue3:30
5.Pledging My Love2:38
6.Pledging My Love4:54
7.It's Easy for You1:56
8.It's Easy for You3:41
9.She Thinks I Still Care2:28
10.She Thinks I Still Care4:22
11.Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain4:24
12.Moody Blue5:32
13.Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall3:30
14.Pledging My Love2:07
15.Pledging My Love5:25
16.Way Down1:43
17.Way Down2:40
18.Moody Blue1:04
19.Moody Blue3:57
20.She Thinks I Still Care4:17