My Own Prison mp3 Album by Creed
  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 49:10


3.My Own Prison4:59
4.Pity For A Dime5:30
5.In America4:58
9.What'S This Life For4:08
"My Own Prison" is the debut album by Creed (comprised of Scott Stapp on vocals, Mark Tremonti on guitar, Brian Marshall on bass, and Scott Phillips on drums), which was released on August 26, 1997. The album has peaked at number 22 on Billboard 200, has been certified 6x platinum by RIAA, and is in the top 200 selling albums of all time in the United States. Creed released four singles which included "My Own Prison", "Torn", "What's This Life For", and "One" (peaked at number 70 on Billboard Hot 100) in that order.
Although Creed's Scott Stapp's voice does sound similar to Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder at times, but that shouldn't automatically cause you to dislike Creed. Many lead vocalists from alternative bands of the 90s later used Vedder's style because that's what would get them noticed at the time. Seattle post-grunge rock bands were popular after grunge "died". Creed sounds a little faceless in their debut album "My Own Prison", but their distinctive sound will come with their second release "Human Clay".
Song ratings out of 5.
1. "Torn" - 3.4
2. "Ode" - 2.6
3. "My Own Prison" - 4.0
4. "Pity for a Dime" - 2.8
5. "In America" - 2.4
6. "Illusion" - 2.1
7. "Unforgiven" - 2.0
8. "Sister" - 1.9
9. "What's This Life For" - 3.7
10. "One" - 3.6