New Italo Disco Top 25 Compilation, Vol.12 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

New Italo Disco Top 25 Compilation, Vol.12by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:53:06


1.Do You Love Me (Vocal Radio Version)by Limelight4:32
2.Lovely Memory (Short Vocal Mix)by Modern Boots4:27
3.You're My Night, You're My Day (Spacious Vocal Radio Remix)by Modern Boots4:15
4.Tell Me Why (Radio Vocal Lesina Mix)by Lana Love4:18
5.Mi Dia (Give Me) (Short Vocal Remix)by Naomi4:42
6.Long Ago (Special Vocal Radio Mix)by Casarano4:55
7.Give Me The Night, Give Me The Day (Vocal Short Super Mix)by Modern Boots4:16
8.Cinderella (Short Vocal Disco Mix)by Momento5:09
9.Deep In The Night (Vocal Short Canadian Mix)by Limelight3:59
10.Don't Let Me Go (Vocal Radio Disco Version)by Aldo Lesina4:44
11.Once Upon A Time (Vocal Short Ussr Mix)by Boris Zhivago5:11
12.Changing Times (Vocal Short Modern Boots Mix)by Michael Rimini4:33
13.One More Time (Vocal Short Modern Boots Mix)by Michael Rimini4:59
14.Tonight (Short Vocal Disco Mix)by Ken Martina4:33
15.Summer Love (New Gen Vocal Short Guitar Mix)by Beach Club Band4:59
16.Don't Go Away (It's My Life) (Radio Vocal Sunshine Mix)by Miko Vanilla4:08
17.In Your Eyes (Radio Vocal Italo Mix)by Don Amore4:56
18.Love Tonight (Radio Vocal Italo Mix)by Don Amore3:46
19.Run Into The Night (Radio Vocal Italo Mix)by Angélico4:33
20.Take Your Time (Radio Vocal New Gen Italo Mix)by Ranger3:58
21.Memories Are Gone (Short Vocal Love Mix)by Ken Martina4:41
22.Don't Say Goodbye (Radio Vocal Summer Mix)by Rynar Glow4:06
23.When The Years Go By (Vocal Radio Summer Mix)by Casarano4:33
24.Magic Carillon (Goodbye) (New Gen Short Vocal Mix)by Solitario4:53
25.Memory Of Love (Radio Vocal Eighties Mix)by Brad Lake4:00