New Italo Disco Top 25 Compilation, Vol.13 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

New Italo Disco Top 25 Compilation, Vol.13by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:55:27


1.Give Me (Vocal Summer Radio Mix)by Naomi4:16
2.Sorrow (Why Did You Say Goodbye) (Vocal Summer Radio Mix)by Naomi5:27
3.Far From Home (Short Vocal Apollo Mix)by Captain Apollo4:24
4.Adagio For Love (Short Vocal Summer Mix)by Boris Zhivago4:28
5.Rainy Day In Moscow (Short Vocal Summer Mix)by Boris Zhivago4:51
6.Dancing All The Night (Vocal Radio Summer Mix)by Marco Polo4:11
7.Don't Stop (Vocal Radio Summer Mix)by Marco Polo5:02
8.Italian Girl (Short Vocal New Motion Mix)by Italian Boy4:20
9.In Your Eyes (Vocal Radio Disco Mix)by Aldo Lesina4:09
10.Say You Love Me (Vocal Radio Power Mix)by Aldo Lesina5:05
11.Play The Game (Vocal Radio Dance Mix)by Modern Boots4:44
12.Sunshine (Short Vocal Alan Brando Mix)by Beach Club Band4:22
13.Imaginary Lovers (Short Vocal Canadian Mix)by Limelight4:11
14.Bella Donna (Vocal Radio Speed Me Up Mix)by Angelica Rose3:50
15.My Love Is Always Forever (Vocal Radio Power Mix)by Angelica Rose4:13
16.I Didn't Love You (Vocal Short Disco Mix)by Alan Brando6:09
17.I'm Movin' On (Short Vocal Power Mix)by Momento4:06
18.Love Is Dead (Short Vocal Alan Brando Mix)by Momento4:54
19.I Still Love You (Short Vocal Moscow Mix)by Boris Zhivago4:38
20.(In A World Of) Fantasy (Short Vocal Ussr Mix)by Boris Zhivago5:57
21.Memories Of You (Short Modern Vocal Mix)by Solitario4:12
22.Only You And Me (Short Modern Vocal Mix)by Solitario4:28
23.Save My Heart (There's A Story) (Italian Style Radio Vocal Mix)by Modern Boots4:51
24.You're My Night, You're My Day (Italian Style Radio Vocal Club Mix)by Modern Boots4:25
25.Beach Lover (Italian Style Radio Vocal Club Mix)by Tommy Sun4:14