News Of The World (Remastered) mp3 Album by Queen

News Of The World (Remastered)by Queen

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 56:32


Disk #1

1.We Will Rock You2:02
2.We Are the Champions2:59
3.Sheer Heart Attack3:28
4.All Dead, All Dead3:10
5.Spread Your Wings4:34
6.Fight from the Inside3:07
7.Get Down, Make Love3:50
8.Sleeping on the Sidewalk3:08
9.Who Needs You3:09
10.It's Late6:28
11.My Melancholy Blues3:31

Disk #2

1.Feelings, Feelings (take 10, July 1977)1:55
2.Spread Your Wings (BBC session, October 1977)5:27
3.My Melancholy Blues (BBC session, October 1977)3:14
4.Sheer Heart Attack (live in Paris, February 1979)3:35
5.We Will Rock You (fast) (live in Tokyo, November 1982)2:55
Robert Mcgough
From the opening rock anthem track -We Will Rock you- you know they were trying to get your attention and with- We Are The Champions- They most definitely did that, This was one of their most successful albums in the states and in the world. The writing on this set is without a doubt some of their best with the whole band singing and composing. Sheer Heart Attack (title of their Third Lp)and now a song of fast metal/punk anthem is like -Stone Cold Crazy -was on the earlier album. Brian May's guitar is at its best on -It's Late- and We will Rock You, Spread Your wings is a rock ballad with Freddie Mercury's strong beautiful voice and- All Dead All Dead- is a John Deacon song and Roger Taylor's -Fight From The Inside shows everyone can put out great music. Brian May does a bluesy rock tune of rags to riches story and some great blues sounding guitar. This is a very diverse album with rock and pop and blues is a 70's Rock And Roll Classic. The song -Get Down Make Love- was a remake by NIN in the 90's , Trent Rezner's version is not much different from the orginal but Queen's version hails the leader. If you love Classic Rock at its best ,no need to go any further than this Gem. Long Live The Queen!