The Miracle (Collector's Edition) mp3 Album by Queen

The Miracle (Collector's Edition)by Queen

  • 47 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:08:08


Disk #1

1.Party (Remastered 2011)2:24
2.Khashoggi's Ship (Remastered 2011)2:49
3.The Miracle (Remastered 2011)5:02
4.I Want It All (Remastered 2011)4:41
5.The Invisible Man (Remastered 2011)4:03
6.Breakthru (Remastered 2011)4:08
7.Rain Must Fall (Remastered 2011)4:23
8.Scandal (Remastered 2011)4:43
9.My Baby Does Me (Remastered 2011)3:23
10.Was It All Worth It (Remastered 2011)5:46

Disk #2

2.Khashoggi's Ship3:08
3.The Miracle4:46
4.I Want It All6:15
5.The Invisible Man5:03
6.When Love Breaks Up (Demo)1:43
7.Breakthru (Real Drums And Bass)4:58
8.Rain Must Fall (Demo)2:41
10.My Baby Loves Me4:08
11.Was It All Worth It5:02
12.You Know You Belong To Me1:54
13.I Guess We’re All Falling Out (Demo)3:43
14.Dog With A Bone3:48
15.Water (Demo)1:51
16.Face It Alone4:08

Disk #3

1.I Want It All (Single Version)4:02
2.Hang On In There (B-Side)3:47
4.Stealin' (B-Side)4:00
5.The Invisible Man (12" Version)5:29
6.Hijack My Heart (B-Side)4:12
7.Scandal (12" Mix (Album Version))6:35
8.My Life Has Been Saved (1989 B-Side Version / Remastered 2011)3:16
9.Stone Cold Crazy2:10
10.My Melancholy Blues3:50
11.Chinese Torture (Instrumental)1:44

Disk #4

1.Party (Instrumental)2:24
2.Khashoggi's Ship (Backing Track)2:49
3.The Miracle (Backing Track)5:02
4.I Want It All (Backing Track)4:41
5.The Invisible Man (Backing Track)3:58
6.Breakthru (Backing Track)4:08
7.Rain Must Fall (Backing Track)4:23
8.Scandal (Backing Track)4:43
9.My Baby Does Me (Backing Track)3:24
10.Was It All Worth It (Backing Track)5:45

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