Nine Lives mp3 Album by Aerosmith
  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:57


1.Nine Lives4:02
2.Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)3:26
3.Hole in My Soul6:10
4.Taste of India5:53
5.Full Circle5:00
6.Something’s Gotta Give3:37
7.Ain't That a Bitch5:25
8.The Farm4:28
10.Kiss Your Past Good-Bye4:32
12.Falling Off3:03
13.Attitude Adjustment3:45
14.Fallen Angels8:18
15.I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing4:57
Nine Lives is, for some reason, much maligned in certain press. I dont feel this is at all justified - this is a cracking album by a band who are more than capable of writing hit after hit - at least they were when this came out!

The album opener, cats n' all, it a classic rock song, classic rock sound, classic rock riffs. The mix aint perfect - the drums, in particular the cymbals, seem poorly blended - but it works. The bass thumps through on a good system and really drives the whole album through.

First single 'Falling In Love' incorporates horns well into the mix, but the song feels weak and almost formulaic. 'Hole In My Soul' is a ballad and quite a good one. Great lyrics spoken with Tyler's voice as descriptive as always. You can also tell this was written around the same time as 'I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing'. Some nice rising vocals in the pre-chorus and a memorable chorus make this a good tune.

'Taste of India' is thumping, great ethnic instruments and scales used in the song really give this standout quality. A simple riff, chugging along allow the strings to ring through. 'Full Circle' feels like an old folk drinking song and its brilliant for it - almost feels like Christmas, swaying with a bevvy, in a circle, arm in arm with family in the front room! Simple but effective, great singalong value too.

'Something Gotta Give' should have been the opening song. Another rousing rock tune, harmonica out in full force. A great mid-tempo song. Layered vocals with nice harmonies, that harmonica solo... great song. 'Aint That A Bitch' is another ballad - the best on the album. Brass in the background, a proper smoking-club tune, despressive lyrics... yeah, you know the drill.

'The Farm' is an odd song with slide guitar riffs, more strings, impressive delivery on vocals once again. 'Crash' thumps in, up tempo, and has a teen-flick-credits feel to it. A good song, chugging along in the chorus like all the rest, feels like a song written whilst on a bit of a bender.

'Kiss Your Past Goodbye' slows back down, acoustic intro and a similar feel to 'Aint That A Bitch'. Almost a ballad but not quite, this is another song supported heavily by the bass. 'Pink' could almost be pt 2 of the same song, but is a fun tune, and became a hit single too - all about the colour pink, with some blatant sexual undertones.

'Falling Off' is a Joe Perry tune, and seems not to fit as a result - its like a different band covering Aerosmith. 'Attitude Adjustment' is a belter, a guitar-anthem sort of song which Guitar Hero fans will probably pray for! That main riff is sleazy and simple. Lastly, 'Fallen Angels' fails as an album closer. Its weak, has real 'after-thought' qualities about it. Should have left is at Attitude Adjustment.