No Far Away mp3 Album by Chris August

No Far Awayby Chris August

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 37:35


1.You and I3:03
3.Starry Night3:23
5.Want to be Real3:17
6.No Far Away3:32
7.Loving You is Easy3:09
8.I'm Gonna Sing3:32
9.It's Always Been You2:55
10.Winter Time4:02
11.Canyons (Beautiful Noise)3:46
Kenneth Evans
Relatively new Contemporary Artist Chris August is a super addition to it's genre. I happened to witness a live 'solo acoustic' concert of Chris' during time of the release of this CD. To be honest, he was supporting 2 other major artists on this bill. In my mind, Chris and his acoustic guitar were the highlight of the night. This artist is super talented and has a 'blue-eyed soul' thing going on, even though it doesn't transfer to his debut CD "No Far Away". The CD was co-produced by multi-talented Ed Cash (who also co-wrote a few songs here). Cash is mostly known for his work for Chris Tomlin. The first single of the CD "Starry Night" is an amazing pop song that lyrically praises God for his natural, magnificent works. The beautiful "70 x 70" was the 2nd single released and it's lyrically very powerful. The message of forgiveness is included in the song, in which Chris opens up about his own struggle with being raised in a broken family. The remaining songs on the CD on worthy as well. "I Wanna Be Real" is a very personal testimony of how Chris wants to be transparent in his life. This is quite an impressive debut CD! Buy it!