Non Omnis Moriar mp3 Album by Wildpath

Non Omnis Moriarby Wildpath

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:03:30


1.Two Broken Candles (Introduction)2:00
3.Ballroom Doors (Interlude)0:57
4.Shadows Dance3:41
5.Grinnin' Sanity5:08
6.Facing Fears (Interlude)0:34
7.Ghost Memories4:52
8.Desire Part I - Lust4:17
9.Desire Part II - Forsaken4:45
10.Light Heart3:21
11.Secret's Case5:44
12.Cemetear (Interlude)1:18
13.Non Omnis Moriar4:47
14.Hall Stairway (Interlude)2:46
15.Sanctuary Part I - The Cathedral3:31
16.Sanctuary Part II - Death3:20
17.Sanctuary Part III - Acceptation2:46
18.Norse Legends Come To Life (Bonus Track For Japan)4:56