Nosso Ritmo mp3 Album by Yuksek

Nosso Ritmoby Yuksek

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:05:49


1.Do Beijo (feat. Processman & Henriq Ch)3:28
2.Gorgeous (feat. Confidence Man)3:42
3.Into the Light (feat. Isaac Delusion)4:53
4.The Rollercoaster (edit)3:39
5.Universal Love3:07
6.Bateu (edit) (feat. Fatnotronic)4:48
7.Mais Kriola (Yuksek remix) [Helio Matheus]4:33
8.This Feeling (feat. Queen Rose)4:52
9.The Only Reason (feat. Breakbot & Irfane)4:11
10.Cadenza (feat. Polo and Pan)6:22
11.Hashram Peplum (feat. Zombie Zombie)6:12
12.Corcovado (feat. Fatnotronic)4:41
13.G.F.Y. (feat. Queen Rose)3:25
14.Burning (feat. Juveniles)5:20
15.J'aime les synthés2:36