Nothing but Good: 1952-1962 mp3 Artist Compilation by Hank Ballard And The Midnighters
  • 150 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:35:32


Disk #1

1.I Feel So Blue2:32
2.Are You Forgetting2:10
3.Gel It2:14
4.No. It Ain't2:30
5.That's It2:29
6.Hello Miss Fine2:38
7.Someone Like You2:35
8.I Feel That- A-Way2:14
9.That Woman2:01
10.Work With Me Annie2:48
11.Work With Me Annie2:48
12.Untill I Die2:22
13.Give It Up2:34
14.Work Baby2:41
15.Work Baby (Overdub)2:40
16.Sexy Ways2:30
17.Don't Say Your Last Goodbye2:55
18.Annie Had a Baby2:41
19.She's the One2:20
20.Annie's Aunt Fannie2:51
21.Stingy Little Thing3:01
22.Crazy Loving (Stay With Me)3:05
23.Tell Them2:08
24.Switchie Witchie Titchie2:28
25.Switchie Witchie Titchie (alternate mix)2:30
26.Why Are We Apart2:28
27.Ashamed Of Myself3:00
29.Whatsonever You Do2:23
30.Don't Ever Change Your Pretty Ways2:31
31.Well Never Meet Again2:16
32.Looka Here2:37

Disk #2

1.Henry's Got Flat Feet (Can't dance No More)2:41
2.It's Love, Baby (24 Hours a Day)2:53
3.Rock and Roll Wedding2:39
4.That House on the Hill2:29
5.Partners for Life2:59
6.Open Up the Back Door2:58
7.Sweet Mama, Do Right2:43
8.Rock, Granny, Roll2:49
9.Tore Up Over Yo2:49
10.Early One Morning2:17
11.Let Me Hold Your Hand2:53
12.I'll Be Home Someday3:05
13.Ooh Bah Baby2:44
14.Baby Please2:41
15.Come on and Get It2:37
17.E Basta Cosi2:36
18.In the Doorway Crying2:22
19.Let 'em Roll2:20
20.What Made You Change Your Mind2:48
21.Let 'em Roll2:39
22.Is Your Love for Real2:16
23.Oh So Happy2:45
24.Daddy's Little Baby2:42
25.Stay by My Side2:54
26.The Twist2:13
27.I'll Pray for You3:04

Disk #3

1.The Twist (With Sax Overdub)2:37
2.The Twist2:36
3.Teardrops on Your Letter2:42
4.I'll Pray for You2:36
5.Everybody Does Wrong Some Time2:16
6.Kansas City2:31
7.Cute Little Ways2:30
8.So Good to Be Home2:49
9.House With No Windows2:10
10.Rain Down Tears2:17
11.I'll Keep You Happy2:26
12.She's Got a Whole Lot of Soul2:49
14.Sugaree (Alt)2:52
15.Young Lady2:51
16.Move, Move, Move2:29
17.I'm Crying Mercy, Mercy2:49
18.Leave That Fat2:36
19.I Said I Wouldn't Beg You2:54
20.Look at Little Sister2:28
21.I Could Love You3:01
22.Never Knew2:54
23.The Coffee Grind2:40
25.Don't Go I Love You2:18
26.I Love You, I Love You So-O-O2:27
27.I Must Be Crazy2:45
28.These Young Girls2:21
29.Finger Poppin' Time2:35
30.I'm Thinking of You2:55

Disk #4

1.Young Lady3:26
3.Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go2:24
4.I'm Sick of You2:33
5.Keep on Dancing2:32
6.Keep on Churnin' (Till the Butter Come)2:30
7.Goodbye So Long3:12
8.When I Need You3:01
9.If You'd Forgive Me2:24
10.When I Need You2:53
11.The Hoochi Coochi Coo2:37
12.Mona Lisa2:35
13.The Hoochi Coochi Coo (Alt)2:58
14.Just One More Chance2:19
16.I Like to See My Baby2:29
17.Let's Go Again (Where We Went Last Night)3:05
18.You Ain't Nothing but Fine2:49
19.Where Is the Love3:05
20.Deep Blue Sea3:07
21.I'm So Crazy About You2:20
22.I'm Young2:48
23.What Is This I See2:08
24.I'm Gonna Miss You2:49
25.Daddy Rolling Stone2:46
26.The Continental Walk3:40
27.The Switch-A-Roo2:46
28.The Float2:56
29.I Belong to You (You're the Keeper of My Heart)2:13
30.I Got a Mind to Leave You (I Got a Mind to Go Back Home)2:25

Disk #5

1.Big Red Sunset2:33
2.Big Red Sunset (Alt)2:36
3.Big Red Sunset (Alt 2)2:35
4.Can't You See I Need a Friend2:37
5.Nothing but Good2:43
6.Do You Remember2:38
7.Hello Lover, Goodbye Tears2:34
8.Miss Twister2:17
9.Up and Away (Alt)2:27
10.Up and Away (With Woody Woodpecker Voice)2:12
11.Do You Know How to Twist2:29
12.Do You Know How to Twist (Alt)2:27
13.It's Twistin' Time2:34
14.Good Twistin' Tonight3:06
15.Get Ready2:36
16.I Want to Thank You (From the Bottom of My Heart)2:42
17.Your Lovin'2:43
18.She's the One2:35
19.Dream World2:31
20.Excuse Me (I Think I've Got a Heartache)2:07
21.Autumn Breeze2:36
22.What's Your Name2:34
23.I'm Learning2:55
24.After School2:11
25.Shaky Mae2:44
26.Christmas Time for Everybody but Me3:02
27.I Love and Care for You2:46
28.Santa Claus Is Coming3:06
29.Santa Claus Is Coming (Alt)2:56
30.Love, Oh Love (Where Can You Be)2:32
31.Bring Me Your Love2:41

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