Old'S' Cool mp3 Album by Jazzkantine

Old'S' Coolby Jazzkantine

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:32:14


1.I Know You Got Soul3:40
2.Funky Old Kantina3:21
3.Pusher Girl5:06
4.You Gots to Chill3:28
5.Babas Delight4:03
6.Super Rappin'4:43
7.Planet Rock3:36
8.Miss Universum3:43
9.The Message4:24
11.Fuck Tha Jungle3:59
12.Don t Believe the Hype4:16
13.I Shot the Sheriff3:58
14.I Know You Got Soul (Instrumental)3:40
15.Funky Old Kantina (Instrumental)3:25
16.Pusher Girl (Instrumental)5:06
17.You Gots to Chill (Instrumental)3:28
18.Babas Delight (Instrumental)4:04
19.Super Rappin' (Instrumental)4:44
20.Miss Universum (Instrumental)3:43
21.The Message (Instrumental)4:25
22.Fuck Tha Jungle (Instrumental)3:59
23.I Shot the Sheriff (Instrumental)3:58