On My Own (Re-Issue) mp3 Album by Trans-X

On My Own (Re-Issue)by Trans-X

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:17:32


1.One for Me, One for You4:08
2.Someday You Will Be Mine4:51
3.Show Me Something New3:45
4.Lady of My Nights4:15
6.Cover Girl5:10
7.Hey Boy Get It Right4:14
8.Dreams I Have Had4:10
10.Ghost (USA mix)3:59
11.Living on VIdeo (radio mix)3:51
12.Something's in the Air3:38
13.Josée (French version)4:17
14.Ich Liebe Dich (I Love You)5:00
15.Message a la Radio (12" French version)5:14
16.The Safety Dance (alternate mix)5:42
17.Living on VIdeo (dub mix)6:31