One Wild Life: Soul mp3 Album by Gungor

One Wild Life: Soulby Gungor

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 54:18


2.Lion of Rock5:32
3.Moon Song3:48
4.One Wild Life4:07
5.We Are Stronger3:39
7.At Sea4:46
8.Land of the Living4:28
9.Us for Them5:10
10.Am I5:21
Chill vibes. "One Wild Life: Soul" definitely catches my attention with sort of an Rnb vibe but they're a band. They have multiple singers which is often times rare it seems. I definitely appreciate that right away. Having a male singer and a female singer switch off songs I think makes the band so much versatile, and less easily bored with.

"We Are Stronger" is interesting, the little fart synth that they use is definitely ear catching although a little odd. "Light" is a cool song, reminds me of watching a dying candle light, but one that's fighting the urge to be completely extinguished. I definitely love this album. "At Sea" is really cool because it has almost dubstep/trap feel to it. The simple vocal track layered over a simple drum track near the beginning. I don't think it exactly has quite the drop as a trap beat, but I think that beginning really matches a lot of different trap beats with their intros which I found very interesting.

Definitely pick up this Gungor album if you are a fan, or if you just really like music like I do. Definitely great. Absolutely worth the dollar or two on this site. Even if you dont get it on this site still worth it in my opinion.