Open Up And Say... Ahh! mp3 Album by Poison

Open Up And Say... Ahh!by Poison

  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 35:59


1.Love On The Rocks3:31
2.Nothin' But A Good Time3:43
3.Back To The Rocking Horse3:34
4.Good Love2:50
5.Tearin' Down The Walls3:49
6.Look But You Can't Touch3:23
7.Fallen Angel3:53
8.Every Rose Has Its Thorn4:15
9.Your Mama Don't Dance2:59
10.Bad To Be Good4:02
Back in the eighties, this was one of those albums that you just couldn't escape. Brett Michaels was all over the place. If you weren't rocking out to Poison, you were seriously hating on them. They were hair metal posers, or they were rock and roll incarnate, this was a polarizing band. And this was the album that really launched them into the stratosphere.

The girls were swooning to the ballad Every Rose Has It's Thorn. It's a clumsy, heavy handed way of pointing out that nothing is perfect. But for it's time, it worked like gangbusters, as it was a huge hit. With the passage of time, it doesn't really hold up. With today's perspective, the lyrics are cheesily eye-rolling.

Another hit that appealed more to the boys was Nothing But a Good Time. This one is a rocker, but again, not nearly as badass as it seemed at the time. It's a fun little song to be sure, but not one many would be caught rocking out to in public.

A popular song with rock bands has long been Your Mama Don't Dance, and strangely enough, this is the one that has the best staying power on the album. They do a solid job with it, and it suffers the least from the passage of time.

This album was a classic in it's time, but it's time has passed. Hair bands don't do well in the eyes of nostalgia, and this band was more glam than substance in the first place. If you have fond memories, consider letting them remain memories before biting on this album. Aside from the three hits, things just get worse, there is no hidden gem here, and nothing redeems the style over substance attitude the band flaunted. If you must have some Poison, at least go for a hits package, or prepare for disappointment.