Ophelia (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Steven Price

Ophelia (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)by Steven Price

  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:04:19


1.Opheliaby Steven Price3:52
2.Little More Than A Boyby Steven Price1:52
3.I Should Tell You My Story Myselfby Steven Price2:44
4.You Stop My Heartby Steven Price1:18
5.You Have The True Spirit of A Ladyby Steven Price3:02
6.Beauty Turns Men to Beastsby Steven Price1:06
7.The Parapetsby Steven Price4:12
8.Frailty in Loveby Steven Price2:47
9.She Fears To Feelby Steven Price3:25
10.My Beloved Spakeby Steven Price3:11
11.The Cause and the Cureby Steven Price6:16
12.Who Are You Greeting My Love?by Steven Price1:42
13.I Am The Kingby Steven Price3:32
14.You Cannot Imagine His Anguishby Steven Price2:26
15.An All Too Common Maladyby Steven Price4:22
16.I Am No Longer Hungryby Steven Price5:20
17.I Am Already Deadby Steven Price3:16
18.You Are Like a Dream I Hadby Steven Price2:54
19.To Lose Himself in Vengeanceby Steven Price7:02