Oriental Lounge mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Oriental Loungeby Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:10:44


Disk #1

1.The Garden (Sweet Zen)by Jose Gandexz4:03
2.Flower Lounge (Garden Mix)by Chau Chi5:58
3.Praise Beby Calm Medition4:22
4.Visions Of Beauty (Beatz Dub)by Saloo4:20
5.The Childby Ravi Shaza3:51
6.Our Buddhaby Prav Monks4:16
7.Orient Express (Faze Mixby Nusarat4:19
8.Soft Light (Club Dub)by Aquarius4:33
9.Eternal Sunby Loop Light4:21
10.Peace Prayer (Rivers Of Tibet Mix)by Jataka4:54

Disk #2

1.Shineby Nava4:37
2.Asian Soulby Dove5:55
3.Stars Of Beautyby Vispanassana4:46
4.Desireby Kalla4:24
5.Stars (Meditation Mix)by Boudien3:21
6.Smokeby Studio4:12
7.Mainanaby Parmaha2:59
8.Deep Sleepby Joy5:25
9.Flure De Grace (Fleur Mix)by Tai Fun4:11
10.Sakyamuniby Prathi Temple4:52

Disk #3

1.Only Youby East To East5:04
2.Fever (Drummer Boys Mix)by Nino Drum Quartet1:57
3.Flowers (Awakening Mix)by Pancha Traptika4:05
4.Miricles (Orient Twist Mix)by Saffras4:11
5.Journeymanby Dayzz3:35
6.Dreamsby Sanskrit3:13
7.Melonikby Shira Sushi4:52
8.Dawn Buddhist Chantsby Viaman3:46
9.Rise And Fallby Aerial Maki5:17
10.Spiritual Waterfalls (Moods Mix)by Teich Mecha5:05

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