Originals mp3 Album by Michael Chapman

Originalsby Michael Chapman

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:28:40


Disk #1

1.The Rock 'n' Roll Jigley1:44
2.Party Pieces4:52
3.Another Season Song3:27
4.Stranger Passing By3:29
5.Used to Be1:47
6.Deal Gone Down3:59
7.The Banjo Song3:32
8.Theme From the Movie of the Same Name2:16
9.Goodby Sunny Sky3:20
11.Shuffleboat River Farewell4:39
12.Secret of the Locks3:58
13.Crocky Hill Disaster4:40
14.Lovin' Dove3:33
15.Hobo's Meditation3:17
17.How Can a Poor Man2:41
18.It Didn't Work Out5:25
19.Devastation Hotel5:15

Disk #2

1.Northern Lights7:24
2.I'm Sober Now3:45
3.The Man Who Hated Mornings4:07
4.Ballad in Plain D4:43
5.Steel Bonnets2:58
6.Dog's Got More Sense4:04
7.Falling Apart3:35
8.While Dancing the Pride of Erin2:55
9.Dreams are Dangerous Things4:47
10.Why Do You Bob Your Hair Girls?2:48
12.Dog's Got More Sense (Early Version)3:45
13.Stranger Passing By (Demo)4:35
14.Theme from the Movie of the Same Name (Demo)2:49
15.Goodbye Sunny Sky (Demo)2:52
16.Untitled Rag (Demo)1:51
17.Jounrneyman (Demo)3:11
18.Lovin' Dove (Demo)2:44
19.Just to Keep You (Demo)3:07
20.Devastation Hotel & Crocky Hill Disaster Idea (Demo)2:54
21.Waiting for a Train [A 1000 Miles From Home] (Demo)3:24