Party Rock mp3 Album by LMFAO

Party Rockby LMFAO

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 49:06


1.Rock The Beat0:54
2.I'M In Miami Bitch3:48
3.Get Crazy3:46
4.Lil Hipster Girl3:22
5.La La La3:31
6.What Happens At The Party5:56
7.Leaving U 4 The Groove3:32
8.I Don't Wanna Be3:39
11.I Shake I Move3:04
12.I Am Not A Whore3:16
14.Scream My Name4:19
15.Get On Down3:13
If you want some new music to rock out to, this is the album for you. LMFAO's songs are all hilarious and yet great. They're catchy and fun. "I'm In Miami, Trick" is the best known, and that is because it is one of those songs that makes you want to bop your head along. Try this album if you're into party rock, because this is THE album of the genre.
William Fletcher
I saw LMFAO in concert back in June and then I bought this album, and it has been in my CD changer for almost a year now. LMFAO is most definitely the engineer of Party Rock and they PERFECTED it. This album is like sugar to the ears, and whether your in your car, or at home you will want to stop what your doing and get up and dance along. Anyone can find something good on this album. My favorite song is most definitely "La La La." So even if you don't get the whole album, definitely get that song!