Penguin mp3 Album by Fleetwood Mac

Penguinby Fleetwood Mac

  • 9 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 36:38


1.Remember Me2:46
2.Bright Fire4:34
4.(I'M A) Road Runner4:56
5.The Derelict2:50
7.Did You Ever Love Me3:45
8.Night Watch6:17
9.Caught In The Rain2:45
Kenneth Evans
Fleetwood Mac's "Penguin" was originally released in 1973. Following the successs of of the excellent "Bare Trees" LP, "Penquin" in the first LP in quite a while not to have guitarist/vocalist Danny Kirwan. His absence here is what makes the LP not quite as good as it could. Guitarist Bob Weston fills that vacancy, yet he doesn't come close in the songwriting department. Ex Savoy Brown vocalist Dave Walker sings on a few numbers, but he isn't a good fit. The standout tracks here are Bob Welch's "Night Watch" and the excellent "Bright Fire". Christine McVie adds her always poignant songs, but they are not her best. All and all, this is a good LP after a few listens...hats off to Bob Welch who saves the day!!